Open Innovations: Consolidation of Business and Science – Staircase to Innovation


On October 17, within the framework of the VII Moscow International Forum “Open Innovations”, a conference entitled “Russian Atlantes Shoulder: The Scientific and Economic Foundations of a Technological Breakthrough” was held.

Speakers on this session included, Alexander Povalko, RVC General Director, Vasily Brovko, Director of Special Assignments of ROSTEC Company, Boris Glazkov, Vice President of Rostelecom, Alexey Ivanchenko, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank, Vladimir Vasilyev, Rector of ITMO University, and other experts.


The session’s speakers noted that the coordination of science and business for the development of technologies is now particularly important in connection with the launch of three national programs: the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation, the national project Science and the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

“Working without coordination, we have a high risk of not achieving our goals. First, we will not be able to concentrate resources to solve problems. We will also have difficulties with the commercialization of scientific results and the double financing of the same teams, ” says session moderator, director of the Digital Economy direction, Sergey Nakvasin.

Vasily Brovko spoke about the problems that could become an obstacle for a technological breakthrough:

“There is more money than ideas, and more ideas than people — this is our first problem. In addition, we have not yet agreed on the roles: what development institutions do, what state corporations do. We do not have a development life cycle, and the investment cycle is not properly built. It turns out that “everyone invests in everything.”

Alexey Ivanchenko added that four elements are required for innovative development – people, ideas, technology and finance. The speakers agreed that in Russia it is necessary to create an ecosystem that consolidates the efforts of all parties and clearly defines the roles of various structures.