Open Fiber network lights up homes, offices of Imperia

Open Fiber Logo

Imperia, the city of the two centers , can also benefit from the advantages of the infrastructure entirely in optical fiber installed by Open Fiber.

The company led by Elisabetta Ripa has in fact completed the wiring of over 2000 real estate units in the Oneglia district , which can thus take advantage of all the innovative services available on the market, taking advantage of the high speed and low latency of ultra-broadband.

Citizens can therefore already contact one of Open Fiber’s partner operators to surf the web with a connection speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second in FTTH (Fiber to the home) mode., or with the optical fiber that will enter directly into homes, schools, companies and public offices.

Open Fiber’s investment in the city of Imperia amounts to 5 million euros , and an ultra-broadband network of approximately 70 kilometers will be laid.

Open Fiber is creating an infrastructure that enables smart working, distance learning, but also latest generation services such as the Internet of Things, telemedicine, not to mention access to the most advanced platforms of the Public Administration.

In the meantime, the project continues: wiring activities have already begun also on the right bank of the Impero stream, in particular in Via Argine Destro, Via Sant’Agata and Via Trento, and it is expected that the development plan of the city will be completed by 2022.

The availability of an ultra-broadband infrastructure in the municipal area – explains Antonio Chiesa , Regional Manager of Open Fiber – will improve the life of all citizens, who, thanks to the use of a fiber optic connection, will be able to access ultra-fast and guaranteed to digital services that have become, not only in this period of global pandemic, absolutely necessary in the daily life of every single individual. I thank the municipal administration, whose collaboration is a fundamental factor for the success of the city’s cabling project and compliance with the agreed deadlines “.

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator, builds the infrastructure and makes it available to all national and local partner operators at non-discriminatory technical and economic conditions.

The main partner operators of Open Fiber, together with local Internet service providers, are already marketing services on the network built in the city: if citizens want to request activation, it is therefore necessary to check the coverage of their number on the website choose your preferred rate plan and contact one of the operators present to then start surfing at high speed.