OnePlus partners with Finland’s Elisa to launch 5G devices in Q2

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OnePlus, the premium smartphone maker, has announced its 5G plans with the Finnish telecommunications network carrier Elisa, to deliver a 5G device during the second quarter this year – making it among the first 5G devices in the Finnish market.

Elisa is the second carrier partner OnePlus has announced, following EE in the UK, as it continues to advance 5G, bringing the best technology to people all over the world.

Elisa was OnePlus’ first-ever carrier partner, and the relationship continues to grow with the launch of 5G. Elisa will also be amongst the first to launch a commercial 5G network in Finland making it the natural partner for bringing new technology to the Finnish market.

“5G is a revolution which can bring change far beyond the technology industry, for people everywhere, for everything from gaming through to mixed reality apps, healthcare, and much more. We’ve worked hard to lead 5G innovation as this new era starts, working closely with partners like Elisa to create something special. 5G is the catalyst which allows us to reimagine the future.” said Pete Lau, CEO and founder of OnePlus.

“Elisa has one the most developed networks, and we started building 5G network among the first in the world. We want to offer our customers the best possible devices to enjoy the benefits of 5G. OnePlus is a good and natural partner to us, they offer an excellent operating system and devices that are for example great for gaming”, said Elisa director Antti Ihanainen.

5G’s improved speed, better latency, and increased capacity unlocks a new world of possibilities. Cloud gaming will become a reality with high-end graphics delivered by a combination of cloud computing and device-side processing – high quality gaming will no longer be limited to your home or on expensive laptops/consoles. Combined with powerful OnePlus devices, people will be able to play advanced games on the fly with the power of 5G.

At MWC 2019, OnePlus will be showcasing a 5G prototype device powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform.

To embrace the dawn of 5G, attendees will be able to experience 5G cloud gaming on the new 5G prototype device, which will be displayed at Qualcomm Technologies’ booth (Hall 3 Stand 3E10).