oneM2M launches Smart Device Template to model, manage connected devices


The new functionalities of oneM2M’s Smart Device Template (SDT) and how it provides a simple, modular and agnostic framework to enable service providers to seamlessly manage smart home devices will be revealed in a oneM2M-hosted webinar.

As a result of oneM2M’s abstraction layer approach, the SDT allows applications both in the cloud and on the home network to be isolated from local network protocols and device drivers. This enables applications to communicate easily with smart devices, regardless of the type of technology or different communication protocols used by the devices.

“As more and more devices emerge in the market and the connected home gains prominence, the need to seamlessly deploy and manage these devices in the home has never been greater,” said Dr. Omar Elloumi, Chair of the oneM2M Technical Plenary. “The innovative approach taken by the SDT makes this very straightforward, not only for service providers, but also for manufacturers as their products will be able to communicate with a wider variety of applications. This, in turn will accelerate the connected home market and create a harmonious IoT ecosystem.”

In the upcoming webinar – titled “The oneM2M Smart Device Template” – speakers from Orange Labs, Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and Huawei will reveal how they have worked alongside oneM2M during the development of the framework.

Device administration, semantic added value in the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to go beyond the smart home ecosystem will be among the topics discussed during the session. How the SDT can be applied to the smart cities market will also be explored.