One Tap Sports: KDDI Open Innovation Fund 2 Invests in Euphoria


KDDI CORPORATION announces its investment in Euphoria K.K., provider of the sports-related data management service “ONE TAP SPORTS”, through KDDI Open Innovation Fund 2, a fund that directs capital investments to promising venture firms.

Euphoria has been developing and providing “ONE TAP SPORTS” since 2012, making data management specialized for sports available in the form of software as a service (SaaS).

In addition to performance behavior data obtained from competitions and training, “ONE TAP SPORTS” performs analyses that incorporate nutritional menus and injury status that enable supervisory personnel such as coaches and managers to provide athletes with optimal leadership and advice.

“ONE TAP SPORTS” has already been used to help with condition management and performance improvement for about 6,000 athletes on more than 200 teams representing Japan in more than ten sports, including Japan’s national rugby team.

Euphoria has also been applying the knowledge and experience gained through the “ONE TAP SPORTS” in the field of sports for students and the general public, thus contributing to the development of Japan’s sports industry.

The investment by KDDI is part of an effort to further the co-creation of new business fields in the coming age of 5G technology, particularly in the sporting domain where there are high expectations for the application of Big Data.

Moving forward, KDDI will combine its know-how in Big Data analysis and utilization with its telecommunications technology, sales networks and other competencies to address a variety of practical issues faced by all parties involved in sports.

As KDDI Group works to achieve its goal of integrating telecommunications and life design, it will serve as a company that is always offering exciting new ideas, in this case by generating new value of experience through the combination of sports and telecommunications.