OKRs tips that your organization needs


Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is an agile goal management method. It is a popular way to set measurable goals for individuals, teams, or organizations. This technique helps people in aligning personal and professional goals. It also helps in tracking employees’ performance and then rewarding them according to their performance. OKRs work toward achieving company-wide objectives.

OKRs are a must for any organization. Leading organizations such as Google and Amazon use this technique to set their strategies which are moving them towards success.

Here are a few tips for organizing and achieving your OKRs:

  • Break Down OKRs into Smaller Tasks-  The OKR system is an ambitious goal-driven approach. To make it more achievable, break down your goals into smaller measurable segments and remove the unmeasurable ones from each segment before setting new targets. Set up monthly and weekly goals so you can track progress more easily and your teams will feel like they’ve successfully worked towards achieving their objectives.
  • Organize OKRs Quarterly- The most important thing to keep in mind when setting OKRs is that the annual goals should be more specific targets broken down by quarters. When setting goals, it’s crucial to keep in mind that employees should not feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Quarterly periods provide enough time for them to make progress, where they won’t feel tired or bored with their work.
  • Set less number of OKRs- Each department will have its own unique set of OKRs, but you should try not to exceed 5 objectives with 4 key results for each because it will create confusion and the desired objective may not be achieved.
  • Don’t Use OKRs for Employee Performance- There are many flaws in the way OKRs have been conceived, don’t use it as a method of evaluating performance as it might act as more of a barrier than an incentive to creativity and innovation.
  • Keep a check on your stretch goals- The goal of an organization is to exceed expectations. This can be done by setting stretch goals that require more effort from employees for them to reach their full potential. There’s no doubt that setting up stretch goals correctly is crucial for success. If teams regularly meet their stretch goals then it indicates you might not be setting up your OKRs correctly or following the right path.
  • Take Time to Reflect- You should schedule wrap-up meetings with your team to find out how the project went so that you can get better at achieving OKRs in the future.
  • Take time to celebrate and appreciate- Celebrate the accomplishments of your employees by thanking them publicly and giving rewards that will motivate their next steps in helping you achieve goals.

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