Oculeus Reports Increasing Demand for Origin-Based Pricing Schemes


Oculeus, a global provider of innovative OSS/BSS solutions for telecommunications companies and mobile operators, has announced that the company is experiencing increasing demand for the functionality in its Captura wholesale voice management system that supports origin-based pricing schemes.

Traditionally, voice calls have been priced according to the destination of a call and based on the location where it is terminated. However, in recent years, the concept of origin-based pricing has developed for which the price of a call is determined by considering not only its destination, but also its origin.

Origin-based pricing evolved from the need for operators to adjust their pricing and protect their margins in response to European Union regulations that require all intra-EU calls be charged as national calls. As a result, in origin-based pricing schemes, calls to the same destination can have two or more tariffs depending on from where the call originated.

Oculeus first introduced origin-based pricing and similar A-number charging methods into its Captura system in late 2013. Since then, Oculeus has continuously enhanced these origin-based pricing capabilities, which have evolved into a straightforward method with full usability with the management of other pricing schemes in the system.

Oculeus reports that today a growing number of customers, including mobile operators and retail and wholesale carriers across Europe are successfully using and profiting from the origin-based pricing capabilities in Captura.

“Captura’s approach to origin-based pricing simplifies what would otherwise be a complex endeavor,” said Gustav Koutník, Director of Business Development and Operations at Apelby Communications. “The origin-based pricing capabilities in Captura add an important dimension to our business and contribute to our ongoing profitability.”

“The demand for origin-based pricing initially started in Europe in response to the EU regulations, although today most telcos want the agility to dynamically adjust prices in order to protect their margins in light of increasing competition,” explained Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus. “For similar reasons, we are experiencing demand for origin-based pricing from telecom carriers and operators in regions in Africa and the Middle East.”

Oculeus is currently providing demonstrations of the origin-based pricing functionality in its Captura system for qualified communications service providers and telecommunications network operators.