O2 Telefónica makes rapid progress in 5G rollout


Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is making rapid progress in its 5G network rollout and has reached an important milestone early: since June, the telecommunications provider has been providing 50 percent of the population with its fast O2 5G network.

This means that O2 Telefónica has already reached its own 5G rollout target for the end of 2022.

The company will maintain the high pace of expansion and now provide at least 60 percent of the population with 5G by the end of 2022 instead of the 50 percent already achieved. By the end of 2025, O2 Telefónica will offer the 5G standard to the entire population.

“5G is not only particularly fast, we are also rolling it out quickly. Today, we already provide half of the population with high-performance 5G via our O2 network. We have thus achieved our 5G roll-out target for 2022 six months earlier than planned. We are connecting millions of consumers in Germany even faster with 5G and enable new digital applications. We will continue to invest massively in our network expansion to strengthen Germany as a digital location,” said, Markus Haas, CEO of O2 Telefónica.

Over 14,000 5G antennas in the O2 network

O2 Telefónica launched its own 5G network in October 2020, and today more than 14,000 5G antennas are already transmitting in the O2 network. To ensure an optimal 5G experience for its O2 customers, the network operator is therefore focusing strongly on the expansion of 5G sites at 3.6 GHz.

Of these, around 6,000 antennas transmit on the 3.6 GHz frequency, which is particularly suitable for fast and powerful 5G. For improved network coverage, O2 Telefónica is also using the 700 MHz frequencies, which have a long range.

This will enable the company to supply additional regions and even rural communities with 5G even faster. The 5G rollout is complemented by the use of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology (DSS) on 1800 MHz, which flexibly combines 4G and 5G.

5G data volume increased thirtyfold within one year

O2 customers surf the high-performance 5G network
The data volume transmitted via 5G increased 30-fold on the O2 network within one year – from the second quarter of 2021 to the second quarter of 2022. O2 Telefónica is seeing growing demand for 5G tariffs and devices. Combined with the rapidly growing O2 5G network, this gives a continuous boost to the use of the 5G standard in Germany.

O2 Telefónica connects the most people to mobile communications in this country, with over 44 million. With the continuous expansion, the company is ensuring a better network experience nationwide. Today, O2 Telefónica already covers over 99 percent of the population with 4G/LTE and around 100 percent with 2G/GSM.