Nutreco Taps AT&T Global Network to Drive Global Growth

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The Dutch company, Nutreco, a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed has turned to AT&T to help grow its global business. In a 3-year contract, Nutreco chose an integrated, global network solution.

Nutreco will use AT&T’s virtualized network service AT&T FlexWareSM, as well as AT&T VPN and internet access. These services run across our global network based MPLS infrastructure, which provides a highly secure global network environment.

“Innovation is as important as cost savings and efficiencies. That’s why my team turned to AT&T, which is demonstrating technology leadership with software-defined networking,” said Henry van der Ven, CIO, Nutreco.

Why it matters

Nutreco has a strategy of buying new companies and organic growth. AT&T’s edge-to-edge technologies provide near real-time intelligence from every corner of Nutreco’s business, so Nutreco can sense and adapt to change. They provide a platform for future growth and innovation. AT&T FlexWare is an elegant solution for a fast, responsive and future-ready global network.

AT&T is helping Nutreco employees connect and share business data. They are doing this in a highly secure way, whether they work from Nutreco’s Dutch headquarters in Amersfoort or from a factory in Vietnam.

Nutreco’s production sites are in multiple locations around the world.   We are providing our networking connectivity solutions across all its 200 locations in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and Latin America.  These sites include 100 production plants in 35 countries; 11 research & development centers in 7 countries.

How network function virtualization works

Nutreco will use the router function of AT&T FlexWare.  It’s a virtual network function, so Nutreco doesn’t need to invest in proprietary hardware. AT&T FlexWare offers the ability to use virtualized network functions like routers, firewalls and accelerators.  This will help Nutreco adapt and upgrade functions as they grow, and their needs evolve – all designed to deliver a lower total cost of ownership.

“We are building a global network that is elegant and future ready. It’s ideal for Nutreco’s global growth strategy,” said John V Slamecka, region president, EMEA, AT&T Business. “In fact, our customers are turning to us more and more for integrated networking solutions, and we are seeing a lot of momentum for AT&T FlexWare.”