Numondial Taps floLIVE for Global Connectivity Service

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floLIVE, an IoT connectivity provider of advanced 5G network solutions and a full suite of global cellular connectivity services for IoT use cases, and Numondial, a provider of next generation telecom services as voice, SMS, IoT data communication, have announced their collaboration, according to which floLIVE’s global IoT connectivity service, floNET, will power Numondial’s Baklava – a state-of-the-art xRM platform for simple, seamless Human to IoT interactions via standard communication channels.

This strategic collaboration enables Numondial to offer its customers a streamlined and easy to use platform integrated with their CRM, billing, and additional workflows. Additionally, Numondial’s platform will have high availability and zero coverage gaps for IoT devices connected anywhere worldwide, with full compliance, and all via one SKU – a single SIM and connectivity vendor.

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Numondial’s key markets include Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Home Appliances, AgriTech, InsurTech, FinTech, and Utilities. With Numondial’s Baklava platform, customers will be able to send a simple email or social media message to their IoT devices and watch them respond in real-time.

“Baking in IoT communication services into the Baklava Omnichannel Communication Platform is of tremendous benefit to our customers, but it only works if we can offer them connectivity everywhere, with zero gaps,” said Mustafa Sokullu, co-founder of Numondial. “Thanks to floLIVE’s “always-on” connectivity, we can hand over the confidence of compliant global service anywhere in the world, and we never need to worry about permanent roaming restrictions, global data privacy laws, or anything else.”

“Numondial has developed a new way for end-users to communicate with IoT, from the communication channels they use every day, SMS, social media, email, chatbot, CRM, workflow management tools and more,” commented Benny Einhorn, President of EMEA, floLIVE. “With our strategic partnership, the integration will provide a single screen and single API relationship to manage all of these communication channels, from security to billing.”

floLIVE provides a secure, cloud-based global connectivity service to manufacturers that offer connectivity as a value-added service to their customers. To enable such services, they must obtain worldwide cellular connectivity. In doing so, they face several barriers such as permanent roaming restrictions, high costs, privacy regulations and more.

The floNET platform comprises all of the elements necessary to provide a truly global connectivity management solution that addresses both regulations and trade barriers, with an integration layer that enables consuming its services quickly and securely. floLIVE‘s solutions are cloud-native and fully optimized for IoT.

Numondial Digital provides next generation telecom services as voice, SMS, IoT data communication on global basis, Numondial has developed Baklava Omnichannel Communication & IoT Platform, Baklava Omnichannel CRM and WorkFlow Platform, Baklava PsyTone real time emotion detection solution.