NTT Opens New Data Center in South Africa

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NTT Ltd. , a IT infrastructure and services company, has announced the opening of its latest data center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Johannesburg 1 data center is part of NTT’s expansion strategy on the African continent with a capacity of 12MW covering 6,000m² of IT space when completed.

The technical infrastructure benefits from an N+1 uninterrupted power supply (UPS), an N+1 backup generator and high-redundancy cooling systems. This will provide customers with dedicated sustainable infrastructure, operational control and design flexibility to meet their high performance needs.

This facility is aimed at multinationals and enterprises and enables them to use all of NTT’s ICT services, including managed hybrid cloud, network management, collaboration, security and application monitoring.

Africa is experiencing a digital boom, with a population that will double by 2050 . An estimated 615 million users in Sub-Saharan Africa will subscribe to mobile services by 2025, a 24% increase from 2020. This growth and reliance on technology is fueling digital transformation initiatives and demand for high-performance data center spaces. NTT plans to accelerate the establishment of its data centers in Johannesburg and other African cities to support this growth over the next few years.

The new facility uses a closed circuit cold water solution with air coolers, which means that the water circulating in the cooling systems does not evaporate. This reduces the risk of water restrictions in the event of a drought and allows the data center to achieve low power consumption (PUE) and water efficiency (WUE).

“We are extremely proud to invest in Johannesburg and expand our global data center footprint in South Africa. The country forms an important part of NTT’s growth strategy as we continue to support the digital transformation of the Africa. The opening of Johannesburg 1 will contribute to economic growth and social development in the region, as our customers shape the country of tomorrow,” said Florian Winkler, CEO, Global Data Centers EMEA, NTT Ltd.

“Our presence in Africa is based on the significant digital evolution that we are seeing on the continent. Companies that provide new digital services need high power density data center space, global connectivity, carrier neutrality, cloud-based network access and onsite support to ensure they can continue to grow,” adds Michael Abendanon, MEA Manager, Global Data Centers EMEA, NTT Ltd.

NTT is recognized as a company of choice in the field of data centers, with recent inaugurations in the following countries Madrid , Jakarta , Navi Mumbai , and Berlin , with further establishments planned in the city of Ho Chi Minh , Prince William County, Virginia and Cyberjaya. Data Centers are in line with NTT’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions for all of its data center operations by 2030 and for the entire value chain by 2040. NTT strives to ensure that its portfolio is powered by renewable energy by 2030 and that it applies energy efficiency measures where necessary.