NTT DOCOMO Taps Eggplant to Support 24/7 Service Monitoring


Eggplant, the maker of the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite of software, today announced that it is working for NTT DOCOMO to support an automated service monitoring system for the company’s internet services.

NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s largest mobile telecommunications company, providing innovative, convenient and secure mobile services to over 74 million customers in Japan via advanced wireless networks.

The end-user quality of NTT DOCOMO’s internet services is determined by complicated factors including traffic that varies within the network, across a variety of content, with an external cloud environment, and based on the time of day. The company decided to implement a solution for detecting failures proactively from the viewpoint of users by having devices access services on a regular basis.

NTT DOCOMO considered several solution providers before selecting Eggplant Functional introduced by NS Solutions Corporation (NSSOL). The key factors that led to the selection of Eggplant Functional were its cross-device capabilities and the robustness of its features. NTT DOCOMO is using Eggplant Functional to test previously untestable areas, as well as delivering service confirmation and monitoring capabilities to help improve the overall customer experience.

For NTT DOCOMO, Eggplant Functional is being used to automatically record internet operations, providing high levels of reliability for scenarios performed. The monitoring system can record and reproduce a series of operations, including touching an icon and logging on to the service. Recorded operations are stored in a script, which allows easy maintenance and supports iOS, Android and others as a multidevice solution.

“At NTT DOCOMO our mission is to delight our customers,” said Mr. Katsumi Noda, Manager, Service Operations, Service Design Department of NTT DOCOMO. “We needed a testing solution that would enable us to improve the user experience and Eggplant stood out as the only company that allows us to focus on the user experience through its automated service monitoring system. We believe that this is critical in the digital world.”

“We are excited to work with NTT DOCOMO to transform its testing strategy,” said Eggplant CEO, Dr. John Bates. “By using Eggplant Functional, NTT DOCOMO is now able to monitor live online applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, helping to continuously improve the user experience.”