North Dakota’s MLGC Selects Calix to Elevate Multigigabit Experience

Gigabit Connectivity

Calix, Inc. has announced that MLGC has laid the foundation for the ultimate subscriber experience by leveraging the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE to become the first broadband service provider (BSP) in North Dakota to deploy a simplified network that can extend 5-Gigabit broadband service to subscribers.

The rural BSP, which was named the state’s fastest internet and cable provider among small operators in 2020 by BroadbandNow, is expanding its multi-Gig residential broadband capabilities by overlaying its GPON access network with XGS-PON fiber-to-the-home (FTTH).

This move positions MLGC to capitalize on its unmatched 5-Gigabit symmetrical bandwidth offering by building a powerful subscriber experience that grows its value beyond what regional cable operator competitors can match. With this growing next-generation, FTTH access network, MLGC is building into more populated areas, where it will differentiate its offerings further, exciting subscribers with 10-Gigabit services thanks to the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience built on the Calix Revenue EDGE.

The comprehensive Intelligent Access EDGE solution MLGC is leveraging to transform its network is built on the temperature-hardened E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and the powerful, Always-OnAXOS® platform. The modular architecture of the platform offers hardware independence, common service models and workflows that have cut operating costs for many Calix customers by as much as 50 percent. Furthermore, the flexibility of the AXOS platform enables MLGC to embrace an everyPON strategy and easily scale broadband connections to 10-Gigabit efficiently with the PON technology of their choice. By transitioning to AXOS and the Services Management Connector (SMx), MLGC can now turn up OLTs and automatically provision and activate ONTs remotely up to 80 percent faster.

The regional BSP has already invested in the GigaPoint® GP1100X ONU and plans to roll out the latest GigaSpire® BLAST u6x in the second half of 2021, which will extend 10G capability all the way into subscriber homes and businesses. With 10-Gigabit subscriber connectivity, MLGC will be able to offer the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience with advanced network security and parental controls via the EDGE Suites—all controlled by their own branded CommandIQ® subscriber app—backed by the real-time insights of Calix Support Cloud.

“At MLGC, we have always taken immense pride in our technological leadership and commitment to pushing our market forward—we love being first,” said Tyler Kilde, president and general manager at MLGC. “We had already seen our subscribers’ bandwidth usage profiles increasing, but with COVID accelerating that trend over the last year, we migrated all of our Gigabit subscribers to 2.5-Gigabit speeds. Even with home networks needing to balance remote working and distance learning while still handling entertainment like gaming and streaming, our network enabled us to make the upgrades without hesitation. With demand continuing to increase, we are looking to 5-Gigabit service and beyond—well past competing offerings. Furthermore, a recent influx of funding from RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) is enabling us to deploy our 5-Gigabit service into additional rural communities in eastern North Dakota, and we are committed to leveraging this bandwidth advantage to deliver an unbeatable experience to our growing subscriber base. Calix is the only partner that enables us to continue our next-generation network buildout while, simultaneously, equipping us to deliver the comprehensive subscriber experience that will enable us to capitalize on our investment.”

Enderlin-based MLGC was founded more than a century ago as a switchboard-operated telephone exchange but has grown into the BSP delivering the fastest internet in the state. Now growing rapidly from its rural roots and approaching more densely populated—and competitive—markets, MLGC is continuing to drive its technological lead with XGS-PON and ensuring its subscribers reap the benefits.

“A longtime Calix partner, MLGC has always prided itself on being forward-thinking and focused on delivering the absolute best technology to its subscribers,” said Mark Dressler, senior VP of global sales for Calix. “Because of the strength of this commitment, the MLGC team did not have to think twice about increasing its subscribers’ bandwidth at the outset of the pandemic as it already had the network capacity in place. Now, as it expands with the performance of XGS-PON, it is not only delivering the fastest service to their subscribers, but it is leveraging the AXOS platform and Intelligent Access EDGE tools to turn them up seamlessly and maintain Always On connectivity—something its cable operator competitors cannot match. We look forward to growing our relationship with MLGC as it continues to expand its footprint, advance its technological leadership position, and capitalize on its network investments by delivering unmatched subscriber experiences with the Revenue EDGE.”