North American Operator Taps RADCOM for Smart Network Visibility


RADCOM Ltd. has entered into an agreement with a new customer in North America to provide its RADCOM ACE solution to deliver real-time insights into the network performance 24/7 as the operator maintains its 4G network while expanding 5G coverage nationwide.

“We are thrilled to be part of this leading operator’s network in North America during this exciting time as it expands its 5G coverage nationwide,” said Eyal Harari, RADCOM’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our solution will be tightly integrated into the telco stack and enable the operator to gain smart insights and ensure network performance while delivering superior customer experiences.”

RADCOM ACE was chosen to smartly collect, process, and analyze traffic in a highly automated way across both 5G and 4G networks, which helps the operator deliver high-quality services nationwide while proactively ensuring great customer experiences. In addition, the solution will allow the operator to monitor the end-to-end network performance from RAN to the core in an advanced cloud-native, highly efficient, scalable, and automated environment.

RADCOM is an expert in 5G-ready cloud-native network intelligence solutions for telecom operators transitioning to 5G. RADCOM Network Intelligence consists of RADCOM Network Visibility, RADCOM Service Assurance, and RADCOM Network Insights.

The RADCOM Network Intelligence suite offers intelligent, container-based, on-demand solutions to deliver network analysis from the RAN to the core for 5G assurance. Utilizing automated and dynamic solutions with smart minimal data collection and on-demand troubleshooting and cutting-edge techniques based on machine learning, these solutions work in harmony to provide operators an understanding of the entire customer experience and allow them to troubleshoot network performance from a high to granular level while reducing storage costs and cloud resource utilization.