Nordic Choice Hotels Pick Tele2, Speeron to Launch 5G-connected Hotel

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In collaboration with Tele2 and IT partner Speeron, the Nordic region’s first 5G-connected hotel is now being launched at Comfort Hotel Xpress in Stockholm. With 5G, Nordic Choice will, in addition to fast connection in the rooms, be able to offer guests new smart solutions and improved hotel experiences.

Nordic Choice Hotels is the first hotel company in the Nordic region that can offer guests 5G, beginning with Comfort Hotel Xpress Stockholm. Initially. the mobile technology of the future will be available in 20 of the hotel’s 257 rooms, which means that guests can already test the possibilities that 5G offers.

“We are extremely happy about how we can develop the guest experience with this new technology. In the beginning, guests get, among other things, new TV services and of course the experience of using 5G for, for example, games, downloading, or sharing. We are in the start-up phase of which opportunities 5G can offer us to create future hotel visits and we are in several exciting dialogues with developers in a number of areas,” says Christian Lundén, Director of Innovation & Customer Journey in Nordic Choice Hotels.

Speeron will deliver the technology of the future to the hotel in Stockholm. Initially, guests will have access to lightning-fast Wi-Fi powered by 5G delivered by Tele2. Among other things, TV services, games, and other entertainment will be connected. 5G-connected sensors will soon be installed in rooms to enable, for example, measurement of air quality.

“We see enormous opportunities linked to implementing 5G technology in, among other things, the hotel industry. In the long run, it will create completely new experiences for hotel guests, together with IoT, but it is not only hotel guests who will benefit from the new technology. Even from a real estate perspective, this is a fantastic solution. 5G technology entails so much more than just a huge increase in speed and capacity. There are factors that enable total wireless connection of both hardware components and people that we have not seen before. The possibilities brought by 5G, together with IoT, are endless,” says Karl Söderberg, Partner at Speeron.

The goal is to be able to offer 5G at more of Nordic Choice Hotels’ more than 200 hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries during this year and to be able to create completely new guest experiences, as well as simplify and improve the daily work for the staff. In addition, 5G will both streamline and reduce maintenance costs for new buildings in the future.

“We want to be involved in how our customers can use 5G and the latest generation of mobile technology in practice. We are now testing different possibilities at the hotel in Stockholm and the next phase will be, together with Nordic Choice and Speeron, to expand to more hotels and connect more functions in the hotel rooms. With 5G and different types of IoT solutions, we can improve the experience for guests and facilitate the work for staff,” says Stefan Trampus, Business Area Manager for B2B at Tele2.