Nokia unveils new Withings smart product range at CES 2017


Withings, part of Nokia, has launched several new smart products at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), two of which have won prestigious CES Innovation Awards as well.

Withings will power the new Kérastase Hair Coach, the world’s first smart hairbrush offering consumers a data-driven way to take better care of their hair. Withings is also announcing the launch of Home Plus, an upgrade to its home monitoring system and one of the first security cameras compatible with Apple HomeKit, and the global availability of Steel HR, the first analog activity-tracking watch with heart rate monitoring. This is done keeping in mind the demand of millions of users.

“Beautiful, human-centric design and an incredible user experience are the key pillars upon which our products are built, and this year’s launches at CES are no exception,” said Cedric Hutchings, VP of Digital Health at Nokia. “Withings Steel HR, Home Plus and the Kérastase Hair Coach offer the same advanced sensors that deliver an unmatched level of insight to the user to help them make better decisions – whether that’s health and fitness or home monitoring. Taking home two more CES Innovation Awards is testament to the technology excellence we continue to bring to our customers.”

Kérastase Hair Coach: Advanced Sensors Bring Data Based Decisions to Hair Care

The Kérastase Hair Coach, powered by Withings, is the world’s first smart hairbrush. Developed in collaboration with L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, the brush features Withings’ advanced sensors and seamless product design along with L’Oréal’s patent-pending signal analysis algorithms to measure the quality of hair and the effects of different hair care routines. An accompanying mobile app provides additional insights and modifications to how the hair is brushed that can help avoid hair damage and improve hair care routine. Retailing for under $200, the brush will be available mid-2017 at Kérastase hair salons and the brand’s website, and through Withings’ online sales and distribution channels.

The brush is a recipient of this year’s International CES Innovation Award, which celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in new consumer technology products.

Withings Home Plus: home monitoring solution now features Apple HomeKit integration

Withings Home Plus is the latest version of the award winning Home product, a smart HD camera that offers live streaming to your smartphone, tablet, Apple watch or Apple TV. Home Plus is a beautifully designed HD camera and one of the first security cameras compatible with Apple HomeKit. Home Plus can be used to keep an eye on your home, send notifications in case of unusual noise or movement, monitor indoor pollution or watch your baby with advanced baby monitoring features. It works with the free Withings Home app (iOS & Android) and Apple Home app on iOS.

Withings Home Plus boasts the same sleek design and seamless video streaming to your smartphone, but now includes extended capabilities thanks to Apple HomeKit support. Withings Home Plus is the perfect start to your smart home automation offering multiple sensors and the ability to create scenes within Apple HomeKit. Withings Home Plus will be available for $199 in Q1 2017.

Withings Steel HR: global availability of world’s first analog activity tracking watch, now integrates new automatic recognition for 10 additional activities

Withings Steel HR, a connected health watch with fully-featured activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and smartphone notifications, will be globally available January 4 through and retail stores – including Best Buy.

Steel HR balances a fitness tracker and classic timepiece, allowing users to get the most up-to-date health tracking information without compromising on style. In addition, the watch now features new tracking capabilities with automatic activity recognition for up to 10 new activities. Supported activities in this update include tennis, ping pong, squash, badminton, weightlifting, basketball, soccer, volleyball, dance, and boxing. Plus, over 30 activities can be logged manually. When Steel HR detects a new activity, it asks the user what it was. The tracker will then learn the user’s previously unrecognized activities and be able to automatically detect supported activities.

Boasting a 25-day battery life, the longest of any heart rate tracker, Steel HR is the first and only analog-style watch that offers heart rate monitoring. Steel HR can automatically measure continuous heart rate during workouts, average heart rate during the day, and resting heart rate while sleeping, while also offering a dynamic digital screen that displays your overall health data and smartphone notifications.

Steel HR will be available in two sizes: 36mm, which will retail for $179.95 and 40mm, which will retail for $199.95. Withings Steel HR is the recipient of a CES 2017 Innovation Award in the Biotech, Sports and Fitness category.

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