Nokia to provide Optical LAN to Infonas W.L.L. Bahrain

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Nokia is all set to provide its Optical LAN solution to Infonas W.L.L. Bahrain. Nokia’s Optical LAN solution will enable Infonas to provide its enterprise customers in downtown Manama with a future-proof fiber network that delivers superior performance and high capacity essential for supporting the increasing data and IoT demands.

Omniclouds, a technology integrator for Nokia in the Middle East, will integrate the technology into Infonas’ network.

With demand for gigabit services, IoT and file sharing applications growing, Infonas needed to establish a local area network (LAN) that would allow it to meet and stay ahead of enterprise demands. Deploying the Nokia Optical LAN solution will provide Infonas’ enterprise customers with a high-capacity, scalable alternative to copper-based options that is cheaper to operate and more efficient to run.

Based on proven and established Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology, the Nokia Optical LAN solution requires less space to deploy and power to run than standard copper-based options.

The solution also provides 200 times longer coverage from a single central location, eliminating the need for equipment closets on each floor or at every 100 meters.

Delivering virtually unlimited data capacity, it is also capable of supporting all video, voice and data requirements over a single fiber optic cable.

The fiber-based Local Area Network (LAN) is more flexible, scalable and secure than a traditional copper-based LAN technology and can easily and cost-effectively be upgraded to 10G or 40G speeds using the same infrastructure.

Rafik Shafik Abdelmessih, CTO of Infonas W.L.L. Bahrain, said : “We needed a long-term, fully scalable and cost-efficient solution to provide our business customers access to high-speed internet and IT services via a state-of-the-art network. We are confident Nokia’s solution will provide that. It is an ideal fit for us to meet our customers’ demands and achieve our ambition to grow fast.”

Mohamed Salama, Head of Fixed Networks, Middle East and Africa, said: “Adoption of this technology continues to increase globally as enterprises in all industry segments look at this alternative LAN architecture to help lower capital and operating costs. This project demonstrates the benefits of Nokia Optical LAN and how it can deliver a high-capacity, resilient and scalable network that simplifies operations and ultimately helps to reduce costs for enterprises.”