Nokia Signs Reseller Agreement with ClearWorld for Smart Poles

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Nokia has signed a reseller agreement with ClearWorld, an alternative energy systems provider, to sell ClearWorld’s smart poles initially to U.S. cities and military bases as part of Nokia’s smart city solutions portfolio.

Deployed in locations such as parks, parking lots and roadways, the ClearWorld connected digital pole supports applications such as video analytics, Wi-Fi access points, gun shot detection, smart lighting and license plate reading.

Nokia’s smart city solutions, based on Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture, include intelligent, integrated city platforms that utilize 5G, industrial IoT and machine learning technologies to provide foundations for urban innovation. The partnership with ClearWorld for smart poles enables Nokia to be a comprehensive solution provider of smart urban infrastructure solutions for cities.

ClearWorld’s smart poles provide a sustainable, resililant, and redundant power source to keep networks live through power outages and natural disasters. By leveraging a solar wrapped pole, ClearWorld is able to reduce utility operating and maintenance costs. These systems are designed to be utilized as a backup power source for networks and critical infrastructure. They also feature built-in IoT capabilities for a clean, aesthetic look that fits with city design. Nokia technologies such as 5G and 4G radios and G-PON can be deployed on the poles to provide citywide connectivity options, but also in association with the poles to power innovative IoT-based city services, using Nokia’s IoT device management and analytics solutions.

Larry Tittle, Founder/CEO of ClearWorld, said: “I’m excited about the tremendous value that we will be able to deliver to cities through our partnership with Nokia. This collaboration will enable us to provide communities with meaningful benefits such as real-time monitoring and crime detection, smart city lighting, and internet access for school children who are learning from home.”

Mike Allison, Head of Government and Cities at Nokia, said: “Many cities in the midst of smart city transformation realize that they need, a new, more cohesive approach to deploying the right mix of technologies that will enable them to achieve the full benefit of their initiatives. Partnering with ClearWorld strengthens Nokia’s strong track record of supporting smart city initiatives worldwide.”