Nokia provides 5G-ready private wireless for Leuven Digital City Pole project


Nokia is providing industrial-grade, 5G-ready private wireless networking to the Digital City Pole project in Leuven, Belgium.

The project paves the way for future citywide 5G connectivity that will stimulate local innovation, drive productivity and create jobs, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses.

Working with the consortium led by TRES, Nokia is demonstrating use cases that leverage IoT intelligence across a new secure city data backbone. In doing so, the project will explore new revenue opportunities based on IoT data and energy marketplaces.

Jan Callewaert, CEO, TRES said: “Strong, effective and aligned partnerships are key to project success and Nokia’s involvement is central to achieving Leuven’s vision for the future. Not only does Nokia bring world-class networking expertise to this collective effort but also deep understanding of what it takes to deliver closely integrated and interconnected smart city solutions.”

The TRES broader initiative will also see streetlight poles upgraded with energy-efficient LED lighting and electric vehicle charging points. Distributed extensively in urban areas, digital city poles provide an effective platform to host high performance connectivity and sensors as cities seek to introduce ubiquitous smart city services.

Mohamed Ridouani, Mayor of Leuven said: “The City of Leuven is fully supportive of the project. With Leuven recently selected as the European Capital of Innovation 2020, this is another great example of how we bring ideas to life. We have the necessary framework to transform ideas into reality, with an extensive ecosystem of talented partners and innovative business models. Leuven will promote the construction of new infrastructure, in order to make Leuven and the Flanders region more intelligent and digitalized.”

Suparno Banerjee, Head of Government and Cities, Nokia Enterprise said: “This ambitious project is a great example of the innovation potential that can be realized by connecting smart infrastructure over private wireless networking. In Leuven, the traditional streetlight now has the potential to transform into smart infrastructure – improving not only its own performance, but also enabling future city public utilities and services that contribute to a sustainable digital society.”

The Digital City Pole project is supported by the Flemish Government and the EU Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Leuven, which was recently awarded European Capital of Innovation 2020, is committed to new technologies to boost sustainable development and it aims to become one of Europe’s Labs of the Future through a mission-oriented model that facilitates collaborative innovation.

In addition to Nokia 5G-ready connectivity deployed in partnership with local service provider Citymesh, Nokia will also supply its Gigabit Passive Optical Networks technology for ultra-high-speed connectivity over an end-to-end broadband network.