Nokia Networks unveils ‘Nokia Eden-NET’ for self-organizing mobile networks


Delivering unique SON capabilities for operators and CSPs, Nokia Networks has unveiled ‘Nokia Eden-NET’ which combines the best Self Organizing Networks (SON) functionality from the now-completed Eden Rock acquisition and Nokia Networks iSON Manager in one solution.

This initiative boosts Nokia Networks’ unwavering focus on providing the best-in-class multivendor SON capabilities. It also responds to operators’ need to simplify, improve agility and efficiency of rapidly changing networks operations.


The new solution is based on both Eden Rock’s Eden-NET and Nokia Networks iSON Manager. It combines the best functionality of both solutions proven to offer substantial improvements to the performance and reliability of mobile networks through automated processes.

Thanks to its unique open framework, the solution will allow operators to both customize and create new SON modules to remedy operator-specific pain points. Like no other solution before it, this will provide needed agility and boost industry-wide SON innovation.

With the successful integration of both portfolios, Nokia Networks has accelerated feature availability by some 6 to12 months and provides the broadest portfolio of SON modules with superior proven algorithms. This is an important step towards its vision to enable self-aware networks for personalized experiences.

Key highlights:

•Promotes industry-wide SON innovation by allowing operators to innovate on top of the open framework

•Multivendor approach is further enhanced with OSS interoperability agreements with other network equipment vendors

•Nokia Eden-NET solution is available today; current Nokia Networks and Eden Rock SON customers are fully supported

Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst, 451 Research, said: “Mobile network operators must cope with dynamic network environments that tax traditional planning and optimization approaches. Open SON frameworks offer operators an important toolkit enabling agile responses to changing network patterns.”

Peter Patomella, Vice President, CEM and OSS, Nokia Networks, said: “Nokia Networks has underscored its intent to fast-track the evolution of self-aware, cognitive networks. We can now provide the best SON capabilities and expertise to help operators run their fast-evolving networks. They can accelerate their operations automation with available, proven SON modules and can also create new ones to address specific needs. We are extremely pleased to be able to offer the most advanced SON solution to our customers and accelerate our own innovation towards truly personalized experiences”.