Nokia Networks strengthens public safety capabilities of LTE network in a box with “Harris BeOn”


Nokia Networks has expanded its LTE network in a box (NIB) solution by integrating the BeOn communications suite offered by its public safety partner Harris Corporation.

The compact, rapidly deployable LTE NIB now offers BeOn land mobile radio-like (LMR) applications, including push-to-talk, situational awareness, group messaging, location tracking and streaming video over the public safety broadband LTE network. Vital public safety communications can be implemented at rural emergency scenes and disaster areas without network coverage in minutes instead of days.


The partnership with Harris is an important component of Nokia’s strategy to create a superior broadband public safety ecosystem with companies that are experts in their fields. This allows Nokia to complement its industry-leading LTE solution with best-in-class solutions and public safety specific applications, and address the urgent needs of first responders for high bandwidth, reliable and secure communications.

Having voice and data services in areas with limited or no network coverage is a critical requirement for first responders. The Nokia LTE NIB offers standard authorized IP connectivity and can provide complete LTE network coverage for users in minutes. The compact LTE NIB can be pre-installed to public safety vehicles or to trailers with antenna mast for full macro site coverage.

It includes an eNodeB base station and a tightly integrated core network, which can also serve several neighboring eNodeBs if transmission connections are available. The Nokia LTE NIB with its mobile edge computing (MEC) capability facilitates implementation of Harris BeOn.

This MEC capability provides robust and secure communications as well as agile and flexible integration of third party applications at the network edge that consequently benefit from low latency. These applications include Self Organizing Network (SON), audio and video analytics, M2M analytics, localized video broadcasting, intellegent map application, augmented reality, and many others.

The Nokia LTE NIB offers pre-standard ‘isolated E-UTRAN’ experience with limited or no backhaul to a central location.

The solution can provide wireless communication in all conditions, which is a key requirement for LTE-based public safety services.

Thorsten Robrecht, Vice President, Partner Business, Nokia Networks, explained, “By combining Harris’ mission-critical applications with Nokia Networks’ LTE solution, we create new and real value for our joint customers in the public safety community. This is at the heart of our partner ecosystem strategy. By extending our reach beyond the traditional telco industry, we can create exciting new opportunities and explore new business models together with our partners and customers.”

Michelle Johnson, Director, Product Line Management, Harris Corporation, said, “Harris and Nokia Networks’ combined solution makes powerful on-the-scene LTE communications a reality for first responders, even when they must operate in disaster areas or outside their broadband coverage footprint. This deployable solution enables secure, unified emergency communications anywhere, and our collaboration with Nokia Networks has made it possible.”