Nokia Networks Presents – Open Innovations Challenge 2015 to Drive Innovations in IoT


Nokia Networks is presenting its third annual Open Innovations Challenge 2015 with the aim to reach out to the brightest innovators and experts in the IoT domain.

The Open Innovations Challenge is looking for innovative ideas, technologies, or business models addressing opportunities in IoT domain along with the main verticals of Industrial Internet, Smart cities, security, connectivity, automotive, public safety and health.


The power of connecting anything anywhere and making the world programmable, promises amazing opportunities. Mobile communication has mainly been from person to person or within a group and being online is a basic right.

The evolution of technologies has shaped in the introduction of the Internet of Things, however the point of enhancing our lives with meaningful things has totally been missed. The vison of this initiative is to improve people’s lives and help them thrive which further can enable a programmable world where billions of people, things, sensors and devices are connected.

Here are some of the benefits of participating and getting connected to this challenge:

Opportunity to collaborate with Nokia Networks

Exposure to investor community

Will be invited to celebrate with Nokia IoT influencers at Nokia HQ

Receive tailored coaching

Access to a major industry event in Finland

Nokia Networks has already demonstrated key technologies like LTE-M and 5G that will make mobile networks the natural choice for bringing these possibilities to reality. From a small start-up to a big one, from an individual to a team a business or an academia, one has a working product or prototype. Nokia Networks welcome you all to join the challenge.

The winner will get a chance to shape the programmable world together with Nokia and an opportunity to showcase your innovation to Nokia Business Units, Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) and other VCs.