Nokia, Metrotel deploy software-defined fiber network in Argentina


Nokia will deploy the Altiplano cloud platform for fiber access in Metrotel’s network. This deployment enables Metrotel to deliver high-speed broadband and related services to users across Argentina.

Metrotel has already built 4000 km of fiber networks, spanning Greater Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza and Neuquén. By deploying Nokia Lightspan fiber access nodes, Metrotel will be able to provide cheaper and faster connectivity to 40,000 customers across these regions.

Metrotel will use the solution to support corporate customers in sectors including financial services, media, hospitality and government, whose needs call for a cost-effective and fully serviced fiber optic network. Flexible control and easy integration allow Metrotel to tailor its offering to individual market segments. Nokia’s high-capacity Lightspan FX access nodes provide the required scale.

Metrotel aims to become a broadband wholesaler, providing high-speed connectivity and comprehensive support services to virtual network operators who serve the residential market. The network will also support 5G mobile backhaul services, helping to accelerate rollout of 5G capabilities across Argentina.

To build the new network infrastructure, Metrotel selected Nokia’s cloud-native Altiplano platform for the flexibility it offers – it can easily be integrated with existing IT and operations support systems. The intent-based Altiplano Access Controller will enable Metrotel to vastly improve its network customization and management, through open programmable interfaces and closed-loop automated operations. Nokia Cloud Acceleration Professional Services provide system integration services to integrate Altiplano cloud platform in Metrotel cloud infrastructure. Altiplano customization services provide customer specific intents to support Metrotel’s requirements for their business customers.

Germán Garay, CTO at Metrotel, said: “This deployment allows us to increase the degree of integration, simplification and abstraction of our services to support our customers, providing continuous network optimization and long-term network services built around their needs. We chose Nokia for their comprehensive but also highly dynamic solution; new and scalable PON technologies; software oriented around shorter innovation cycles; and an architecture based on microservices, automation and virtualization. This makes the best use of both new and existing infrastructure and gives our customers the best possible value.”

Sandra Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia, said: “Nokia’s Altiplano cloud platform and fiber access solutions will enable Metrotel to deliver high-speed broadband and related services to its users across Argentina. Our Cloud Acceleration portfolio of professional services helps Metrotel deploy and operate SDN-enabled broadband networks and use cases quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to simplify Metrotel’s evolution to cloud and software-defined networking, leveraging our SDAN Integration and Migration Operation Centers and DevOps automation.”