Nokia, Infradata deploy IP/optical interconnect solution for NorthC Datacenters


Nokia and Infradata have announced an integrated IP/optical data center interconnect solution for NorthC Datacenters (NorthC), the largest regional data center provider in the Netherlands.

The solution creates a single virtual data center that connects 10 NorthC data centers. The high-speed Region Connect Ring enables NorthC to offer its customers fast, scalable and reliable data center interconnection and cloud connectivity.

Nokia’s integrated IP/optical solution combines high performance 7750 Service Routers with high capacity 1830 Photonic Service Switches and network automation. The solution enables NorthC to improve its customers’ data center connectivity speed and reliability by offering Layer 2 IP/MPLS interconnection services between its data centers to meet their bandwidth, latency, and performance needs.

Already deployed is the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP), a software-defined network automation solution that allows full management of NorthC’s customer connections and data center interconnection. As a result, NorthC can improve response times and reduce service delivery times to hours rather than days so that customers can always operate at full speed, growing and scaling up connectivity as needed.

Mario Hangjas, Senior Director Information Technology for NorthC, said: “Nokia and its partner Infradata have enabled us to implement the best solution for our Region Connect Ring. The digital transformation of the Netherlands economy and the growing role of regions within it means there is a growing demand for local data centers and for high speed, reliable connectivity between regions. The Region Connect Ring allows customers to directly access network and cloud services that are not available in their own region.”

Mohamed El Haddouchi, Group CTO of Infradata, said: “We are proud to be an approved Nokia partner to offer our customers industry-leading IP, optical, data center and network automation technology. Our partnership with Nokia means that we can offer data center, cloud, and interconnection providers a wider choice of innovative solutions and support services to meet their current and future needs. As an independent provider of advanced cloud networking and managed services to the Dutch market, we are pleased to add Nokia to our portfolio of best-of-breed solutions.”

Mark Vanderhaegen, Director of Webscale Accounts at Nokia, said: “Data center providers increasingly need the highest capacity and reliability combined with the lowest latency for their interconnect networks to provide the most responsive cloud services for their customers. Nokia’s IP/optical data center interconnection and automation capabilities, together with Infradata’s support services, will enable NorthC to quickly deliver the cloud connectivity its customers need to enable the digital transformation of their businesses.”