Nokia India Showcases Next Gen Radio Access, IoT and Smart City Solutions


Nokia has hosted the India Innovation Day 2016 and showcased some of its innovative launches in delivering next generation solutions on Radio Access, IoT, Smart City solutions and developments in 5G.

The experts at the events demonstrated the new Nokia as an end-to-end player spanning fixed, mobile, IP and optical technologies that will enable the programmable world as more and more people and things get connected.

Under Networks for Cloud Era, Nokia demonstrated how networks can benefit from virtualization and automation with less hardware and how all this impacts efficiency, quality, innovation and business opportunities. Through its converged offering for mobile, fixed, IP and optical networks, Nokia is blending connectivity together and providing a new grid for the programmable world.

Nokia also demonstrated how it is making IoT a reality for smart cities, smart homes and public safety. The demos showcased how to manage the connectivity of myriad people and things, and how to eliminate “slow and complex” from creating IoT applications – and how it can be done in a secure manner.


In 5G, Nokia showcased solutions that underscores its 5G leadership. Nokia has been innovating for 5G that will set the pace and the standards for 5G technology.

Jacques Vermeulen, Director Smart Cities, Customer Operations, Nokia talked about how Nokia is making IoT a reality. The world is becoming more urbanized, with exponentially more connected devices. For every device connected to the Internet today, 10 more will join it in the near future. Through IoT and smart city concepts, we can automate our lives by connecting mobile devices to appliances, lights, roadways and just about everything – a shift that will improve efficiency and enable economic, social and environmental sustainability. Nokia provides specific connectivity solutions, platforms and software, combining automation and intelligence, making IoT a reality for smart cities, smart homes & public safety. The Nokia business groups can provide mobile and fixed solutions, IT platforms, analytics, security and related service capabilities such as multivendor system integration. Nokia is making IoT a reality, creating opportunities for new revenues and new operational cost-effectiveness.

Milivoj Vela, Technology Vision Lead for MEA/India talked about how 5G is the new generation of radio systems and network architecture delivering extreme broadband and ultra-robust, low latency connectivity and massive networking for the Internet of Things to enable the programmable world, which will transform our individual lives, economy and society. What 5G will be good for and what technical requirements that impose on the network are evident. 5G will be about people and things requiring massive broadband that delivers gigabytes of bandwidth on demand; critical machine-type communication that allows for the immediate, synchronous feedback that enables remote control over robots; and massive machine-type communication that connects billions of sensors and machines.

Some of the demos showcased at the event were

Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi: Leveraging its expertise in mobile networks, Nokia has created cloud-based, carrier-grade Wi-Fi that combines gigabit wireless performance with deployment simplicity. With the launch of Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi, mobile operators can seamlessly integrate Wi-Fi with their existing networks to improve the customer experience and generate new revenue streams. The solution also allows service providers without licensed spectrum to run a Wi-Fi service that takes advantage of mobile edge computing and analytics to deliver advanced context-based services.

Nokia AirScale Radio Access: Nokia’s next generation AirScale Radio Access will radically alter the way networks are built. Operators will be able to use Nokia AirScale Radio Access to profitably satisfy future demands including the Internet of Things, virtual reality, augmented reality, factories of the future and other advanced scenarios such as video that demand extreme performance. The first demonstration of Nokia AirScale Radio Access live, with 5G-ready air interface is being shown at Mobile World Congress 2016.

NB-IOT: deep coverage with NB-IoT in rural and inbuilding environments. Live tracking demonstration showed the superior coverage of NB-IoT compared to conventional LTE (Cat.4 modem). NB-IoT is being standardized in the LTE specifications of 3GPP Rel.13 (LTE-Advanced Pro).

Nuage Networks: This demo highlighted the value of looking at networking remote branches in a fundamentally different way: One in which sites can be brought up in an expeditious manner, and network services can be added and modified by users as needed (in a manner consistent with enterprise and/or service provider policies and security). In the Nuage Networks by Nokia VNS solution, software-defined network infrastructure spans in a consistent fashion across datacenters in private & public clouds and extends to remote locations anywhere.

Smart Home: This demo showed how network providers (telcos, cable MSOs, Community Broadband providers) can leverage the Residential gateway already present in each home (be it a fiber ONT or DSL modem) to expand their services offer into the Smart/Connected Home – and ward of over-the-top competition.

Smart city: This demo from TB showcases few use cases of IoT on Smart Parking, Smart Metering and Smart Lighting

IoT- Scale Monetize and secure: This demo showed how to scale the network and create horizontal solutions for IOT. Protect and assure network, devices, apps and data. Monetize connectivity and expand service across IOT ecosystem.

IoT use cases: This demonstration details how service providers can take advantage of new technologies to enable new IoT business models. The market trial concepts demonstrated are a Connected Service Vehicle, Smart Bus Shelter and a Smart University Campus.