Nokia, Elisa set to drive private mobile networks adoption in Finland

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Nokia and next-generation telecom operator Elisa are partnering in a joint go-to-market alliance to drive industrial-grade private mobile network deployment. The collaboration will strive for market leadership in the fast-growing Finnish business marketplace.

The companies will collaborate closely on 5G private mobile offerings and market development to help organizations in Finland accelerate digitalization and adopt Industry 4.0 solutions to boost productivity.

Private mobile networking is tailor-made to meet specific business customer needs and is a key enabler of digital transformation. It provides the reliable high bandwidth connectivity and low latency needed to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency and output.

Under the agreement, Nokia and Elisa will utilize new and existing radio network infrastructure to deploy mission-critical, industrial-grade private networks with Finnish businesses. The collaboration will leverage the recent agreement that sees Nokia continue its long-standing relationship with Elisa as strategic supply partner of 5G RAN nationwide.

Nokia and Elisa will also align their industry-leading resources to drive marketplace campaigns, share competency development and advance technical co-operation. The collaboration will initially focus on markets such as maritime and ports, mining, manufacturing, logistics and utilities. Private mobile networks enable these industries to deploy IoT, machine learning and AI for automation, safety and productivity gains.

Timo Katajisto, Executive Vice President, Corporate Customers, Elisa, said: “A growing number of organizations are now investing in private mobile networks. With this partnership, the two leading Finnish telecommunication companies join forces to create a dream team that will take our combined private mobile network enterprise offering to a new level. Elisa and Nokia are global forerunners in network quality and 5G, and we have already begun joint deployment of both 5G and LTE private mobile networks in different industries and use cases for Finnish enterprises.”

Raghav Sahgal, President, Nokia Cloud & Network Services, said: “In Elisa, we have an outstanding partner with whom we can drive private mobile networking growth and establish Finland as a leader in this field. We share the same vision of creating new opportunities for Finnish businesses with 5G to help them digitalize their operations and leverage intelligence on top of the network with our IoT, analytics, automation and AI solutions.”

Elisa already has experience deploying private 5G and LTE network solutions in several Finnish industrial sites, ports, mining and hospitals. Thanks to private mobile networks’ key features, many organizations have transitioned their digital services from being based on a fixed network to a mobile cellular network. This enables them to access services with mobile devices and to develop entirely new digital services that utilize remote control and transmission of high-quality video in real time. Additionally, private mobile networks offer organizations reliable and secure connections for critical voice and IoT applications.

With more than 260 large enterprise customers across industries worldwide, of which over 30 incorporate 5G, Nokia has recently been named leader in private wireless by GlobalData. Analyst firm ABI Research has quantified the private wireless networking market opportunity at US$16.3 billion by 2025.

Finland is consistently ranked as a global leader for deploying Industrial IoT and possesses a highly developed Industry 4.0 ecosystem. Organizations worldwide draw on Finland’s world-class machinery and ICT expertise to help achieve their Industry 4.0 goals.