Nokia demos immersive stadium experience with private 5G at UCI Track World


Nokia is working with industry partners to show how 5G private wireless will significantly enhance the customer stadium and media experience during the 2022 TISSOT UCI Track World Championships, being held from 12-16 October near Paris.

Nokia has deployed a 5G Modular Private Wireless (MPW) network at the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines National Velodrome. During the five-day event, enhanced viewing and entertainment experience will be offered to fans, athletes, organizers and broadcasters, in cooperation with UCI and Eurovision Sport for TV production.

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Nokia is using both 5G mmWave and 5G cmWave to show how they deliver extreme capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-high throughput to meet the diverse demands of many stakeholders – spectators, sponsors, medias. Beyond the immersive experience, robust private wireless networks also support video and data sharing to improve situational awareness in the stadium for security and safety teams.

Live video streams of races will be shown on a large screen at the Nokia booth. Visitors can tailor their view of the action, thanks to 360° robotic cameras at the velodrome operated remotely in real-time. Using 5G smartphones, tablets and headsets, they can access multi-screen views and race statistics in augmented reality as well as hear the the sounds of the track, the atmosphere in the stadium or audio commentary in the language of their choice.

Nokia will also show how 5G private wireless networks support other stakeholders such as media photographers who will be able to upload images in an instant. Under the 5G Stadium Lab program, Nokia will continue its work with industry partners to develop compelling Industry 4.0 use cases for use at future sporting events.

Michel Callot, President of the French Cycling Federation, said: “Leveraging Nokia 5G private wireless network we see how the technology can elevate the experience for the thousands of bandwidth hungry spectators at race events like this one. The French Cycling Federation is enthusiastic about exploiting all the new service opportunities that 5G will bring us, both for spectators, athletes and organisers.”

Stéphane Haulbert, head of partners in Europe at Nokia, said: “We have extensive leadership in deploying 5G private wireless at event venues worldwide. We are pleased to showcase private wireless connectivity at the 2022 TISSOT UCI Track World Championship event in France and show the potential for future global events in the city. The work we are doing with industry partners under the 5G Stadium Lab allows us to develop and test in-demand use cases for services such as security, leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to enable, for example automated monitoring of multiple video and sensor data feeds and alerts. Private wireless puts the network owner in control, allowing them to support the distinct needs of a variety of stakeholders and services.”