Nokia and O2 switch on 5G services across London and Slough


Nokia is powering O2’s 5G network, as it goes live in London and Slough. Across the capital, all of O2’s business and consumer customers will now have access to faster, more reliable connections as well as enjoying the benefits of 5G around iconic live event and sporting sites, including The O2 and Twickenham Stadium.

The megacity is home to 10 million people with over 50,000 international visitors daily – making London the most demanding region in the UK for network performance and one that will benefit greatly from next generation connectivity.

The three-year project sees Nokia and O2 build on their relationship and upgrade O2’s 4G networks to 5G in and around London, as well as densifying the network to increase capacity and coverage in the most demanding areas.

As the sole RAN provider to O2 across the densely populated London, Nokia is working with O2 to execute its intelligence-led rollout strategy, which prioritizes connecting transport hubs, key business areas, and entertainment and sports venues to ensure superior customer experience for local and international visitors. As such, it will enable businesses & enterprises to benefit from the now-live 5G technology, therefore enhancing connectivity and operational capabilities.

Brendan O’Reilly, O2’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “As we roll out 5G, our intelligence-led strategy is driven by data and insight to identify where customers will benefit from 5G the most – Nokia is helping us to deliver that in one of the most high-density subscriber areas in the world. The transformational power of 5G yields huge potential for businesses and consumers alike, allowing them to get a head start on competitors.”

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “Nokia and O2 are bringing 5G to the UK capital, delivering the world’s most iconic venues to devices globally. Nokia has exactly the right technology for this, given our leadership in small cells and, more broadly, end-to-end 5G. It’s great to build on our long-standing relationship with O2 to deliver a superior experience for businesses and consumers alike.”

The launch of O2’s live network in the UK marks Nokia’s 15th live 5G network worldwide and reflects Nokia’s expertise in building 5G for megacities – following the launch with Sprint in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Nokia currently has 48 commercial 5G deals with operators around the world and is involved in more than 100 5G-related customer engagements. As with O2, many of Nokia’s commercial deals involve radio access technology as well as additional technology from Nokia’s end-to-end portfolio – a sign that operators are recognizing Nokia’s unique position and capability as the right choice for networks with long-term evolution in mind.