Nokia, A1 and Microsoft deploy 5G edge cloud network slicing solution for enterprise

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Nokia and A1 Austria (A1) have successfully completed the industry’s first 5G edge cloud network slicing trial with Microsoft. The deployment utilized Nokia’s 5G edge slicing solution integrated with Microsoft Azure managed edge compute on A1’s live commercial network in Vienna, Austria. With edge cloud network slicing, A1 can bring enterprise cloud applications to mobile users over a high capacity, secure and low latency network.

During the trial, A1 demonstrated real-time HD video streaming by transmitting live camera feeds from several mobile devices using’s streaming mobile platform running on the Azure edge infrastructure. The 5G edge cloud network slicing solution can be used by enterprises and industries across a wide range of use cases including retail, media, utilities, healthcare and transportation. The solution offers mobile operators an opportunity to generate new revenue streams.


Nokia’s 5G Edge Slicing solution enables operators to take advantage of both slicing and edge cloud capabilities and provide value to their customers. Network slices can be tailored to support specific customers’ use cases and different applications based on network performance, quality, traffic routing, latency, and security. Nokia’s new solution enabled A1 to isolate its public Internet and enterprise traffic while keeping critical business traffic local using 4G/5G core breakout for enterprise edge cloud applications. The network slices were implemented across Devices-RAN-Transport-Core-Edge Cloud Applications. 5G Edge Slicing enhanced the enterprise user experience for low latency and high bandwidth use cases with high network performance, quality security and manageability.

Nokia’s solution also offers a sliced mobile broadband VPN in selected business areas such as a campus or city environment. Scalable 5G Edge Slicing supports multiple enterprise VPN deployments using the same 4G/5G network. It can be used with all 4G/5G devices including new URSP (UE Route Selection Policy) capable multi-slice smartphones for different applications.

The trial was executed with Azure which supports enterprise private and public applications at the operator and enterprise edge. Azure managed edge compute was deployed at A1’s data center in Vienna with connectivity to the Azure region in Austria.

Marcus Grausam, CEO, A1 said: “We are excited to lead the industry with the deployment of edge cloud network slicing with Nokia and Microsoft Azure. This innovative solution enables A1 to deliver secure, reliable and high-performance enterprise VPN services integrated with edge cloud applications over our 4G/LTE and 5G networks. This collaboration opens up new business opportunities and demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative services for our enterprise customers, as well as realizing the full potential of 5G technology.”

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “This deployment with our partners, A1 and Microsoft is further demonstrating Nokia’s leadership in network slicing as well as our mission to help our customers unlock further 5G monetization opportunities. Edge cloud network slicing gives customers the best of both worlds with network slicing and edge cloud applications that enhance the enterprise customer experience.”

Silvia Candiani, Vice President, Telecommunications and Media at Microsoft, said: “Our collaboration with A1 and Nokia, and the deployment of network slicing using Microsoft Azure, is a testament to our commitment to innovation. As we redefine connectivity, we’re also providing opportunities to industry leaders like A1 and Nokia to tap into the large Microsoft ecosystem of enterprise developers and solution providers to help drive new monetization efforts.”