Ningxia Cable TV Picks ZTE to build 5G transport network


ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, has helped Ningxia Cable TV Network Ltd. successfully upgrade its IP transport network, by upgrading the existing ZTE’s core router ZXR10 T8000 single device to cluster.

This upgrade will enable Ningxia Cable TV Network to optimize network capabilities and improve network performance to better support the traditional services such as broadband and TV, as well as cloud access services such as convergence media, while expediting network cloudification and building a cloud computing-based service platform to implement centralized management of service resources.

In 2020, the National Radio and Television Administration began to integrate cable TV networks all over the country with radio & TV 5G network construction. Ningxia Cable TV Network has set a target of constructing a reliable and IP cloudified MAN architecture.

ZTE provides cluster core routers at the core layers of the operator’s networks. The service control layer adopts the C/U-separated vBRAS architecture, and the convergence layer is configured with data center switches and SDN controllers. So far, ZTE’s cluster core routers have been put into use.

As ZTE’s high-end flagship router, the ZXR10 T8000 has been operating well for more than a decade since its launch. It has been widely used in operators’ backbone networks in 26 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities) of China and many other countries. The router integrated with in-house chipsets has the ultra-low power consumption. It supports millisecond-level fast protection switching and can dramatically enhance network robustness. It adopts innovative technologies of SRv6/SDN/FlexE, and flexibly supports high-speed interfaces from GE to 400GE, offering large bandwidth for home broadband, 4K/8K HD video and enterprise private line services.

Also, it supports the innovative liquid cooling technology, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the equipment room. It increases the overall cooling efficiency by 250% compared with the traditional air cooling, and reduces the noise by 80% and the energy consumption by 30%. It’s estimated that 96 tons of carbon emission can be reduced on a single device per year.

With the speed-up of of 5G network constructions in 2021, the deployments of ZTE’s cluster core routers will lay a solid foundation to facilitate the operators to build the high-quality green 5G transport networks, deliver differentiated operation services and create a high-quality business development pattern.