How NFV is Revolutionizing the Evolution of Networks


An Interaction with GENBAND | in Los Angeles

As telecom networks move towards digital transformation – NFV is the primary driving force to achieve greater network efficiency and confidently take on future opportunities. With its unique cloud native virtual network functions offerings, GENBAND is right at the helm of this NFV revolution.   

Sanjay Bhatia, Vice President of Strategy and Solutions Marketing, GENBAND interacts with Zia Askari from – during the company’s recently held annual event in Los Angeles – Perspectives17 – explaining how NFV is revolutionizing evolution of networks.

NFV is surely the big buzzword today. How does GENBAND look at this wave to embrace NFV?

Yes, NFV certainly has a lot of buzz in the industry, but more than the buzz, NFV is about a major digital transformation of communications service providers’ networks and operations to a software and cloud defined mechanism for the delivery of real time communications and other services with automation and speed.

GENBAND has fully embraced this transformation by offering industry-leading, flexible and cloud native virtual network functions (VNF) offerings as part of its NFV portfolio that includes Session Border Controllers, Advanced Media Software, IMS Media Resource Functions, Converged Intelligent Messaging and a powerful VNF Manager to aid in the life cycle management and automation of VNFs.

Why do you think it is important for stakeholders today to look at evolution of their network – rather than just network replacement? How can your solutions help in this regard?

Given the significant investments that Communications Service Providers have made deploying their mobile and fixed networks, it makes a lot of sense that these stakeholders look at the evolution aspects of their investments to a more efficient and cost-effective way of delivering their services via the telco cloud and a software defined world.

As such, GENBAND provides full flexibility to CSPs to deploy its networks functions as Physical Network Functions (PNFs), Virtualized Network Functions on COTS hardware, fully elastic NFV-based VNFs deployed via the GENBAND VNF Manager, or any combinations of these options. GENBAND also has a great roster of NFV ecosystem partners that include Intel, Red Hat, HPE, Wind River, Canonical, Dell to name a few – all of whom  work closely with us to deliver service providers receive pre-integrated, high performance NFV solutions.

How can operators and large enterprise customers future-proof their network with the help of right NFV solutions?

Network operators and large enterprises can future-proof their networks by working with leading software solutions vendors such as GENBAND that offer them unique solutions that will allow them to further improve the real time communications experiences with their end customer and between their employees thus making those communications easy and more productive than ever before.

Our differentiated approach to media processing, NFV and geo-distributed VNF processing offers service providers several unique benefits ranging from high media session handling to shared transcoding capacity. GENBAND’s solutions also includes several intelligent distributed media processing selection features for optimized deployments.

At a time when operators are also looking forward to adopting a path towards 5G – What are the big technology trends in this space that have the potential to rewrite business dynamics in the telecoms and communications sphere? What can be the role played by GENBAND here?

The pace of technology innovation has certainly accelerated over the last few years with cloud and software based technologies and 5G, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are a few of those innovations that are being deployed in the market as we speak.

GENBAND is playing a key role in all of these market innovations through our real time communications solutions offerings. With “machines” and “things” communicating with each other, there is an inevitable need for human interactions in many different workflows for issues such as event notifications and escalations to humans for communications.

GENBAND and Kandy are at the intersection of “things and people” and “machines and people”, delivering the “human element” to IoT via real time communications capabilities.  Kandy leverages its advanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to provide innovative user interactions for multiple industry verticals and consumer apps, using bot automation for routine tasks and seamlessly escalating to human conversations and interaction for more complex activities.

Without the human element in IoT you are left with just “Big Data” and “Things” and that is why the intersection of IoT and human interaction is so critical. Adding context to the data from multiple connected end-points or “Things” gives businesses the ability to respond in real time in the most relevant manner according to the circumstances and dynamics of the situation being addressed.

Enhancing secure vertical market applications with a human element also requires the digital cognitive Real Time Communications capabilities that a solution like Kandy offers to ensure exchanges are promptly delivered, understood, and/or correctly and efficiently acted upon.

Our Kandy platform also provides the “conduit” to communicate with and escalate to human interaction via apps such as our Live Support and Concierge Wrappers.

Additionally , GENBAND’s NFV offerings are key for 5G deployments in providing a secure, reliable and automated experience with network slicing and other innovations.