“With NFV, OSS becomes real-time, dynamic, and personalized”


In line with the ongoing shift of telecoms towards embracing cloud and software based networks, Comptel, a global provider of service fulfilment, mediation, charging and policy control, and advanced predictive analytics products and solutions, is focusing on service orchestration and intelligent data to derive better value for its customers.


Ari Vanttinen, CMO, Comptel speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s current priorities and future plans.

What are the key priorities for Comptel today?

Comptel is well positioned in the rapid shift of telecom businesses towards cloud and software-based networks. We are building strong partnerships to access large technology and business transformation projects, Tier-1 operators and new markets. Comptel continues to invest in the growth of our main focus areas: service orchestration and intelligent data. We also actively look for growth outside traditional solutions, with initiatives that help our customers to tap new revenue sources. With our capabilities, we can provide a post-digital buying and service experience for cloud generation customers: contextual, connected and convenient.

How is the BSS/OSS changing in an era of NFV adoption?

With NFV, the OSS becomes real-time: dynamic, on-line, personalized and temporary. NFV’s complexity sets new requirements for service orchestration that will be complicated by the number of relationships between components and systems. Our focus is in the creation of a platform that not only supports the traditional approach of creating long lasting services, but supports all the variants, from temporary services that last only minutes to those that last weeks, and that are not tied to traditional create, delete and modify functions.

As operators look for better monetization techniques, how can analytics driven policy and charging help them?

Analytics driven policy and charging helps operators find the right offer, at the right time, in the right context. It helps guarantee a better buying experience for customers, and analytics is the driving force behind this segment-of-one buying experience. Analytics helps us to identify the high-value customers most likely to churn, and proactively prevent this by contacting the customer, offering better quality of service, prioritizing maintenance work (network failures etc.) and offering premium bundles.

What are some of the big advantages that can be derived from Comptel solutions today?

We help service providers to create and deliver post-digital buying and service experiences for their cloud generation customers. This is done by refining every drop of data to fuel the business, and bring artificial brain power for real-time decision making and actions. We enable customers to design, test and run liquid offers with the highest speed –to-cash and profitability returns. With Comptel, service providers can connect sales, service and network processes as one seamless and errorless flow – from cloud to ground.

What are some of the key geographies for Comptel and why?

APAC has definitely been a key geography for Comptel recently. Comptel’s growth in APAC has been significant, at 19.2 percent YTD. In the third quarter, our project and license revenue grew by 20 percent compared to the third quarter in 2013. Our growth came both through winning new customers as well as from new projects. Our new and current business areas grew in the third quarter compared to last year. During the Q3/2014 Comptel also secured six significant orders, valued over EUR 500,000. Our existing customers in Saudi Arabia and India placed significant orders and we also won a new customer in Pakistan. Also our backlog strengthened significantly overall.

How important is the Indian market for Comptel today and what are your expectations from the Indian market?

Comptel has recently launched its new office in Noida (Delhi NCR), which opened May 7th 2014. Comptel launched its India operations back in 1996, so we could build closer relationships with the region’s communications service providers (CSPs). Our business footprint has grown substantially since then, with the likes of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Tata Teleservices deploying our OSS/BSS solutions. Comtpel’s software now reaches nearly half of the country’s population (569 million subscribers)!

Over the past 18 years, Comptel has also formed strong partnerships with global and local system integrators, such as IBM, TCS and Tech Mahindra, to enable us to further deliver high-quality OSS/BSS solutions that address the business and operational requirements of CSPs in India and worldwide.