“Next Gen CPE and Wave 2 Wi-Fi can address coverage and speed concerns” says ZyXEL


Service providers are on the brink of a major shift in opportunity, says ZyXEL’s Vice President of Service Providers & Key Accounts, Europe, Karsten Gewecke. The explosion in the numbers of bandwidth-hungry clients is putting immense pressure on Wi-Fi demand and service providers need to look at their options in order to offer exceptional user experiences.


Speaking today at Broadband World Forum in London’s ExCel Centre, under the title “Wi-Fi, the Achilles Heel of FTTH,” Karsten Gewecke highlights why all Wi-Fi related concerns come back to being an issue for the service providers and how they can embrace this and become part of the solution.

Slow performance and coverage limitations are a major issue for service providers and as the demand on Wi-Fi rises in line with the ever-increasing rates of video streaming and 4K video, customers are looking at service providers more and more to solve any Wi-Fi related crisis.

“Next Gen CPE and Wave 2 Wi-Fi technologies will help address some of the issues that we are facing, offering coverage, speed and user experience improvements,” says Gewecke. “Service providers need to look at what is already in place in their networks and find a solution that fits. With easy set-up, network discovery, network diagnostics & troubleshooting and remote management, ZyXEL’s ONE Connect and Wi-Fi excellence solutions are answering these issues on a global scale.”

“Service providers are looking at ways to address the coverage issue proactively whilst ensuring they remain in complete control of their networks. With this ever-increasing demand for full in-house coverage, we are seeing a trend towards additional Access Points and Wi-Fi extenders,” says Gewecke.

Karsten Gewecke proposes that the ease-of-use and simplicity of Wi-Fi Wave 2 technologies make them an attractive option. ZyXEL has developed a range of Wi-Fi excellence, and home networking solutions that create exceptional user experiences for service providers. In particular the ONE Connect solution, launched this week at Broadband World Forum allows service providers to gain a highly detailed overview of the home networks they serve. Through the insight of ONE Connect, ZyXEL is putting service providers back in control.

The rate of consumer adoption of video streaming, in parallel with 4K video, is fuelling the ever-growing demand on Wi-Fi. According to a recent study, internet video to TV doubled in 2014 and will continue to grow at a rapid pace, increasing fourfold by 2019. With global consumer internet video traffic set to account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 2019, finding the right solution to deal with these ever-increasing demands is a key for service providers.