New Deutsche Telekom service for business: Android set up from the cloud

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has a new service for business customers: Deutsche Telekom sets up Android smartphones for business purposes automatically using Zero-Touch from the cloud.

This enrollment service supports the fast setup and configuration of Android smartphones – Google markets the Zero-Touch solution to make the smartphone deployment process much simpler.

Deutsche Telekom is the first European network operator who can automatically set up massive numbers of Android smartphones for its business customers via Zero-Touch. For employees it’s just as easy as filling up their cars with fuel.

The cloud-based setup support for huge numbers of corporate-owned smartphones enhances a similar Deutsche Telekom service already available to corporate customers using Apple devices and Knox smartphones from Samsung.

Patrick Molck-Ude, who is responsible for international network business for Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customers, says: “It’s always a major challenge for companies when they add new smartphones to their existing pool of devices. Thanks to our new service, IT departments do not have to expend much effort setting up and deploying new devices. That saves time and money.”

Installation from the cloud also means more security

Getting a new smartphone involves a lot of work: The device must be set up, apps need to be installed, etc. – and this is a time-consuming process in enterprises that deploy huge numbers of devices for business use. Furthermore, when setting up devices manually, many users feel overwhelmed when it comes to compliance with corporate security policies.

When Google devices that are compatible with Zero-Touch are connected to the corporate Wi-Fi network, they automatically determine whether a specific configuration has been set up for them by the IT department. If so, the devices download an app containing the relevant policies that will complete the smartphone installation. This also ensures that every device is constantly updated and always compliant with corporate security policies.

Zero-Touch can be used in conjunction with Pixel smartphones, and some flagship devices having the latest software from Google (starting with Oreo), Huawei and Sony are supported by the solution. Google collaborates with all major manufacturers to make sure that installation from the wcloud will be possible for all future devices. Plans also call for making Zero-Touch available for smart scanners and other Android devices in the near future.