Network Automation: Huawei Unveils ‘TelcoCraft’ Service Crafting Center Solution


At the Operations Transformation Forum 2018, Huawei announces the launch of the TelcoCraft® Service Crafting Center (SCC) Solution, which aims to help Communication Service Providers (CSP) to realize network automation by adopting a new service creation and operation model.

The development of new technologies such as NFV/SDN, Cloud-Network Convergence, IoT and 5G network brings huge digital business opportunities and drives CSP to accelerate their Cloud network transformation.

At the same time, CSP are seeking way to provide agile and efficient services through digital transformation and reduce the cost for service innovation and operation, in order to achieve business success. Traditionally, service development of CSP involves multiple departments and usually takes months to implement a new service, this manual mode of operation can neither support the future massive service scenarios nor meet the highly efficient operation requirements of the complex cloudified network.

Therefore, changing the traditional service creation and operation mode, rapidly respond to market changes and customer needs has become a key successful factor for CSP’s digital transformation.

With 30 years’ experience in the communications industry, Huawei created the Service Crafting Center (SCC) Solution composed of the automation platform Agile & Intelligent Design and Orchestration (AIDO) platform, operation system Intelligent Engine System (IES) and professional services supported by the full functional team, to help CSP achieve three goals: “Zero Silos” for maintenance and optimization, “Zero Coding” for service development, and “Zero Touch” for network operation.

The Huawei SCC solution consists of four modules: 1. AIDO (Agile & Intelligent Design and Orchestration) platform, which take a model-driven, “drag-and-drop” approach for service creation as it allows agile service development without software coding or customization; 2. IES (Intelligent Engine System) platform as Huawei’s next-generation OSS system, is the operation system responsible for service automatic orchestration, network self-assurance and self-optimization; 3. Cross-functional agile team, with experts from different functions, provide professional services include service design and orchestration, continuous operation automation service and testing service. 4. Service asset repository, be responsible for managing and distributing the service asset into IES, which includes service/network element models, test cases, and operation policies.

In recent years, Huawei has cooperated extensively with CSP worldwide on their Telecom Network Cloud Transformation. Through the practical experience of 480 commercial projects, Huawei has accumulated rich service assets for the SCC solution, including over 30 business models, 50 network models, more than 400 operation policy models, and more than 6,000 test cases.

Jianyu Hu, General Manager of Telecom Cloud & Platform Integration Domain, Huawei, said, “In response to the real-world challenges our customers are facing during digital transformation, we develop the Service Crafting Center (SCC) Solution based on our digital service assets, to help CSP rapidly respond to market changes and customer needs, realize agile service innovation and automatic network operation, and bring ROADS experience in digital service for end user!”