Network-as-a-Service: Korea Telecom Taps Oracle for 5G Business Services

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KT Corp has selected Oracle Communications for the 5G Policy Control Function (PCF) in the buildout of its 5G network and to enable new Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings for businesses.

An early adopter of 5G, KT Corp is known for innovation and selected Oracle for its overall 5G readiness, product maturity and competitive strengths, including its agile and feature-rich 5G PCF solution.

“Building on our longstanding relationship with Oracle Communications, we are pleased to continue working together as we take advantage of all that 5G has to offer,” said Gwangwook Lee, VP Core Network Strategy & Planning Department., KT Corp. “In trials, the Oracle 5G PCF solution performed beyond expectations and met our discerning metrics for driving the success of our upcoming 5G deployment. After six years of successful partnership with Oracle in the 4G realm, we look forward to continuing the partnership with Oracle in the 5G domain and as we move to deliver new, innovative offerings to our customers.”

The 5G PCF is the policy management function of the 5G Control Plane, and one of the 5G Core Network elements delivering Quality of Service and other network policies to communications service providers’ (CSPs) networks. Leveraging Oracle’s 5G Core Network, KT Corp will be able to continue its network transformation toward 5G, and will unlock new doors for differentiated and personalized customer offerings, supporting incremental 5G network monetization with improved service agility, increased bandwidth and more customized services.

With the introduction of 5G, CSPs like KT Corp are able to launch and evolve custom-fit network slices faster than ever. Network slicing is a highly dynamic process that provides CSPs with the opportunity to tailor connectivity services to the precise requirements of any given application; user, device or context, by logically isolating virtualized network resources. This capability will enable CSPs to launch NaaS solutions tailored to the specific needs of their enterprise customers that can range from AR and VR to Connected Cars, Smart Factories, and Smart Cities.

“By delivering a solution that addresses 5G policy requirements and underpins KT Corp’s leading 5G transformation,” said Andy Hicks, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, “Oracle is staking a claim to leadership in the 5G core.”

“As we extend our partnership with visionary, KT Corp beyond our collective 4G success, Oracle is unlocking doors to new innovations in this next generation of connectivity spanning from enterprise applications to smart ecosystems,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications.