NetNumber Expands 5G Capabilities for Private Networks


NetNumber has announced a strategic enhancement to its NetCore software suite to include support for non-standalone (5G NSA) deployments of 5G services.

5G NSA allows for interworking of 4G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) networks with the newer, 5G networks being rapidly deployed around the globe. 5G NSA allows private networks to be deployed by supporting both 4G and 5G radio networks.

NetNumber’s 5G NSA product provides services on 4G LTE and 5G infrastructure. This enables private network operators to take advantage of the superior service quality and bandwidth that 5G delivers without deploying a complete 5G core. NetCore 5G NSA can be installed on a wide range of devices such as a backpack, a laptop or a server to any location. Optimized for small cell installations, 5G NSA delivers over 150M download speeds while taking advantage of the existing, 4G LTE infrastructure.

“The market is clearly voting for the NetCore product suite being a popular choice as growth and momentum accelerates in the Private Networks arena,” said Steve Legge, Chief Operating Officer, NetNumber. “This is another tangible example of NetNumber’s important position in the Private Networks sector.”

“The ability for NetCore 5G NSA to be installed in multiple devices including those of limited size provides a significant opportunity to bring private 5G in multiple vertical industries such as defence, energy and logistics,” said Pablo Tomasi, Principal Analyst Private Networks at Omdia.

NetNumber, Inc. brings more than two decades of experience delivering core network signaling control platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks. Our industry leading TITANä Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform has been deployed by operators across the globe to simplify core networks in order to deliver new services and reduce operating costs.

TITAN.IUMä, the latest evolution for NetNumber, is an innovative, intergenerational framework for 5G that bridges legacy 2G, 3G and 4G technology to the new cloud-native era. TITAN.IUM enables our customers to migrate multiple generations of services, to a common, secure, simplified modern ecosystem. This means that the legacy applications can benefit from the technology of next generation of networks that are containerized, scalable and ultra-low latency.