Netmore begins LoRaWAN rollout in France


Netmore continues the expansion of the European LoRaWAN network and begins the rollout of LoRaWAN infrastructure in France. Commercial market development has already started to establish collaborations with important strategic partners. The infrastructure roll-out will begin in the first quarter of 2023.

“The fact that we are now establishing our infrastructure in France is a logical next step in our European rollout plan. The French market offers great potential when it comes to future rollouts of smart meters, not least in the water segment. We look forward to creating the conditions for improved decision-making through data collection, and we are pleased that our expertise and proven track-record of delivering large-scale device connectivity for critical utilities is now facing the French market.


“I also want to take the opportunity to welcome Arnaud Delprat to our growing company. Thanks to his expertise in IoT and telecoms, Arnaud is well placed to lead the work of building Netmore in France together with both local colleagues and our strong international team. Arnaud is a seasoned telecom veteran, and comes with an experience of 25 years in the industry. As part of his managing director role, he will play an instrumental role to develop the French market, crucial to the development of Netmore’s business in Europe,” says Ove Anebygd, CEO, Netmore Group.

On-demand LoRaWAN coverage enables large-scale utility projects throughout France

In connection with the launch on the French market, Netmore will immediately offer LoRaWAN coverage on demand for large-scale projects in utility and IoT. This means that customers, partners and other companies that contribute to the transformation of a sustainable society can plan long-term to achieve a smart metering infrastructure that is both cost-effective and reliable, and based on proven technology well suited for large-scale utility projects.

Netmore’s network expansion thus follows the need for connectivity, which creates the conditions for a competitive offering structure that together with proven technology provides conditions for projects that run over many years.

This market establishment strategy has been proven with great success in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Spain, where as of today extensive coverage has been established in parallel with growing ecosystems of solution developers, device manufacturers, platform developers and other relevant players.

Smart metering of water drives the French IoT market

Smart metering of water is a rapidly growing market in France. The need for improved digitization to achieve resource efficiency is increasing, which was not least proven during periods of severe drought that hit the country the recent years.

With LoRaWAN-based solutions from the Netmore ecosystem, a municipality, a municipal company, water meter manufacturers and similar companies can increase measurability and gain enhanced control and improved insights into the water resource. The solutions create the conditions for improved resource efficiency that will benefit both municipalities and citizens, while society as a whole can handle the water issue more responsibly and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly development. Similar to solutions in water, such as sub metering, leakage control and man hole monitoring, corresponding solutions are also offered for gas, district heating and electricity.

Collaborations with platform developers and device manufacturers

Netmore builds a cost-effective network that puts partners, customers and end users at the center. Network rollout takes place in close collaboration with strategically selected partners, such as platform providers, solution developers, unit developers and real estate companies.

This agile approach and our strong partner networks are a vital part of the recipe for success that has resulted in that our solutions are used by major players in an increasing number of geographic markets. This has contributed to Netmore LoRaWAN now being the fastest growing professional LoRaWAN network in Europe.

“It is through strong collaborations that conditions are created for long-term projects that benefit the entire society in the transition to a more sustainable way of life.

“We welcome and look forward to initiating more strategic collaborations with French companies, to the benefit of communities and citizens,” says Arnaud Delprat, Managing Director France, Netmore.

Netmore LoRaWAN expanding across Europe

Netmore has initiated a major expansion of LoRaWAN in Europe during 2022. It now offers LoRaWAN in Sweden, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and France. In addition, there are roaming agreements that also provide coverage in Finland and Switzerland.

The network expansion, combined with Netmore’s European `coverage guarantee’ and `coverage on demand’ enables the deployment of nationwide IoT projects within each country. Furthermore, Netmore, and its main owner and infrastructure investor Polar Structure are also opening doors for large-scale societally beneficial IoT spanning several countries in Europe.

One LoRaWAN network – multiple geographic markets

Choosing Netmore as an IoT operator means several advantages for service developers and other IoT players.

As the Netmore IoT network grows, so does the addressable market for our customers.
Partners do not need to make separate network integrations for each market they wish to join.
One point of contact for all customer support, regardless of geographic market.
Cost-effective connectivity and coverage guarantee for large-scale projects.