Netaş Commissions Device Farm for Mobile, Internet Applications Testing


Netaş has extended the scope of testing services offered for software developers in all industries and commissioned its device farm, which allows mobile apps to be tested on different devices.

Performance tests of all types of mobile and internet applications developed on different platforms can be run on maximum number of devices at Netaş Test Center, which also identifies the system and security gaps of the applications.

Turkey’s leading company in next generation information and communication technologies, Netaş has extended the scope of its testing services offered for software developers in all industries.

With the introduction new business models, products and services that emerge with the rapid developments in mobile technologies, the number and usage of mobile applications is globally on the rise. As of 2017, while users around the world downloaded mobile apps 178 billion times, this figure is expected to rise to 258 billion by 2022.

In addition to this, e-commerce, where application performance and security determine the quality of service, is rapidly developing in Turkey. According to TÜBİSAD data, by the end of 2017, the volume of e-commerce reached TRY 42.2 billion in Turkey with a year-on-year growth of 37%. The share of e-commerce in total retail has increased to 4.1% from 1.7% in 2012. Considering that this figure is approximately 9.8% in developed countries, Turkey seems to maintain the growth potential of e-commerce market in the foreseeable future.

Due to the increase in e-application and e-commerce, Penetration Tests (Pen Test) have also become essential. Netaş Testing Center offers this service which identifies and eliminates the security weaknesses of all types of software, applications and internet sites in the scope of cyber security.

Netaş has also commissioned its device farm, which enables mobile and internet applications to be tested on different devices. Netaş started to serve the leading institutions in banking, finance, telecom, insurance and e-commerce industries with an expanding portfolio of services.

One of the biggest challenges when developing mobile applications is to test the application on as many devices as possible to detect the required improvements. Virtually installed devices do not fully demonstrate the performance of real device applications. Therefore, physical access to different brand and model devices, testing on different operating systems is of great importance in terms of application or web site quality. However, hosting these devices internally causes serious costs and loss of time in terms of stock management.

Thanks to the device farm within Netaş Test Center, the mobile and internet applications developed on all platforms are tested on hundreds of devices from different brands and models to identify any required improvements. In addition to this, the quality of mobile applications is defined by testing user experience for different languages. Accordingly, the steps are determined to increase customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the extended service portfolio, Hasan Kaya, Director of Netaş Test and Managed Services said, “Today, all institutions have at least one web site and an increasing number of mobile applications. E-commerce’s share in the total retail market is increasing. With our test services, we enable the institutions to increase product and service quality without investing in test equipment and personnel”.

“We are Turkey’s leading system integrator with more than 120 global technology partners and more than 800 engineers specialized in different areas of next generation technologies. Accordingly, we have the ability to deliver the solutions of both our own and our leading business partners to our customers in the most efficient and optimal way,” he added.