NEC, Hortonworks to co-develop analytics platform for Big Data with SX-Aurora TSUBASA

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NEC Corporation and Hortonworks, Inc. have unveiled plans for the co-development of a high performance Big Data analytics platform for AI integrating the “SX-Aurora TSUBASA” vector engine, a new hardware platform by NEC to accelerate computing using vectorization.

This new platform, combined with NEC’s Big Data platform “Data Platform for Hadoop,” significantly improves processing performance and scalability to deliver better business results for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics.

Prior to this co-development, NEC and Hortonworks announced an expansion of their strategic partnership in September, 2017 to deliver a Big Data processing platform.

Utilizing their strengths, the two companies aim to offer new products suited for advanced and high performance Big Data analysis in a wider range of industries and fields. Moreover, the companies aim to provide the results of this co-development as open source software (OSS) that can be implemented in diverse environments and various industry use cases.

Co-development plans for the analytics platform include the following:

Integration of the SX-Aurora TSUBASA platform with “YARN”, the architectural center of Hadoop/Spark, a data processing engine which allows customers to run their existing Big Data analytics programs on the SX-Aurora TSUBASA.

This enables easy integration of applications and reduces the workload for system administrators. In a standard system architecture using YARN, the server resources required to execute a typical analysis will be reduced by 99% when compared to existing systems.

Enhance the capabilities of NEC’s distributed processing platform, “Data Platform for Hadoop,” by integrating SX-Aurora TSUBASA, which allows customers to run Big Data & Analytics workloads much faster and to provide better, more accurate results.

“NEC is pleased to agree and collaborate with Hortonworks, a leading Hadoop distribution provider, to develop YARN and Spark support for the NEC vector engine, “SX-Aurora TSUBASA.” The prime objective of the collaboration will be to provide a high-speed, parallel process computing environment best suited for customers with large amounts of data that can be utilized for developing and building essential Machine Learning-based use cases. Adding support to the vector engine for Apache, Hadoop, YARN and Spark helps the customer to quickly achieve effective results from Big Data and AI use cases,” said Tomoyasu Nishimura, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation.

“An enormous amount of data is required to achieve high accuracy in Machine Learning. The combination of SX-Aurora TSUBASA’s high processing performance and Hortonworks HDP’s scalability will be an innovative choice in the global market,” said Yuji Hirokawa, Regional Vice President of Hortonworks, Inc. and Managing Director of Hortonworks Japan Co., Ltd.

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