NCTC Partners with Zayo, Cogent Communications for IP Transit Services


The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), representing more than 750 broadband and cable operators serving all 50 states, announces its agreement with Zayo, a global communications infrastructure provider.

This new partnership furthers NCTC’s mission to create cost-effective solutions its members can use to deliver fast, reliable broadband services to consumers and businesses.

“Our new agreement with Zayo gives our member operators access to a globally recognized leader in communications infrastructure,” said Rich Fickle, President of NCTC. “This agreement creates attractive economic benefits for our members at a time when broadband traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace with greater emphasis on low latency, QoS, and reliability. We’re building a strong foundation for the business today, and a relationship that allows us to explore ways to work together on applications of new technologies including 5G backhaul, gaming and other emerging opportunities pursued by our members.”

“Right away this agreement gives our members access to competitively priced IP Transit services from Zayo, an innovative partner with a reputation for quality and reliability. The whole team at NCTC is excited to bring our member operators another great, cost-effective option for delivering the broadband service their customers expect,” said Jared Baumann, Vice President of Broadband Solutions, NCTC.

“Our IP Transit services will provide a vital conduit for NCTC members,” said Julia Robin, Senior Vice President of IP Solutions at Zayo. “As a Tier 1 provider, we provide direct connectivity to more than 200 IP PoPs and 1,200 data centers, facilitating fast, high-quality performance to both major metropolitan areas and smaller markets across the globe.”

“NCTC is excited to bring Cogent’s IP Transit product offering to our members,” said Rich Fickle, President of NCTC. “Cogent is a recognized leader in the IP Transit marketplace and by working with them, our members can benefit from their extensive IP data network and cost-saving transit offering. NCTC will work to create efficiencies and growth opportunities for Cogent through a common master agreement and a streamlined approach to managing new circuits. Cogent is very focused on excellent execution and being efficient, which aligns well with our members and the NCTC approach.”

“NCTC has worked over the past few months gathering feedback from our membership on broadband services and the types of strategic partners needed to support their business growth. Cogent stood out as one of the best providers aligned with member needs. We are excited to bring this product offering to our members to cut their operational costs and support their business evolution and growth,” said Jared Baumann, Vice President of Broadband Solutions NCTC.

“We are delighted to work with NCTC to make our fast, reliable and low-cost IP Transit services available to its members,” said Dave Schaeffer, Founder & CEO, Cogent Communications. “Through this relationship, NCTC members will be able to fuel their growth by delivering the highest quality broadband connections to their end customers, while minimizing operational costs.”

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