NB-IoT Networks | Deutsche Telekom announces new tariffs for IoT services

Deutsche Telekom

Connectivity comes from Telekom Deutschland with pre-activated SIM cards. The package also includes a service portal to manage the cards. It can be used in 28 countries of the European Union.

Deutsche Telekom is the first company to also offer roaming on the NB-IoT networks of its national subsidiaries. These are currently Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Customers can simply order the appropriate product via the webshop. They order the SIM cards they need in the respective rates and for the corresponding network. There is a choice of multi-format cards and fixed cards in the device. Payment can be made either in advance or by credit card. The pre-activated SIM cards are delivered within three days. They can be used immediately in sensors, trackers and other IoT devices. Smart City applications ranging from intelligent waste management to offering smart parking can thus be quickly implemented. The tracking of goods or vehicles in logistics is also simplified. What is more, the new tariffs allow to develop further digital solutions for safety and health.

“In addition to special solutions for large corporations, the IoT mass market is becoming increasingly important,” says Hagen Rickmann, Director Business Telekom Deutschland. “With the Business Smart Connect tariffs, we are now also offering small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to push ahead with their digitization.”

Customers can always keep an eye on their costs with one-time payments for all rates and periods of use. These range from 36 months (wM2M Connect) to 50 months (LPWA Connect). There are three tariffs in each of the corresponding networks. For example, you pay 7.95 Euro (LPWA) once for 6 MB in the S tariff. 1000 MB including 250 SMS in tariff M costs 16.95 Euro (M2M) once. Additional data volume can be reordered online day and night. To introduce this offer, 12,000 SIM cards will be offered at half price.

Customers have access to Telekom’s entire mobile communications network: from 2G and wLTE to the machine and sensor network (NB-IoT for short). NB-IoT as part of w5G is characterized by lower costs, low power consumption, long battery life and deep building penetration. The appropriate IoT platform for managing the cards on the service portal comes from Deutsche Telekom’s technology partner 1NCE.