MWC 2018: ZTE Unveils Next-gen Big Video Solution

ZTE Logo

ZTE Corporation has unveiled the next-gen big video solution based on the 5G and AI technologies at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The ZTE next-gen big video solution including MEC CDN will significantly speed up downloading while realizing the ultra-low latency.  The new Internet architectures of ICN/CCN will efficiently address the existing status of redundant information and connections while the cloud STB solution will be deployed to guarantee the service upgrade and save the TCOs for operators.

There will come AI-enabled advertisements to create revenues for operators through three scenarios of Live IN, Magic IN and AI IN. The AIoT (artificial intelligent assisted internet of things) could further enhance the user experience and help operators realize the home digitalization.

 “To put the users in our hearts and to help carriers bring users with new and nice user experience is our mission. The new era of 5G and AI has developed abundant video services like UHD 8K, VR, AR, MR, which in turn bring us challenges to the whole end-to-end solutions in terms of high data rate, high bandwidth, low latency, fast response, high reliability and high intelligence,” said Fang Hui,   vice president at ZTE. “To take the challenges as the great opportunities, ZTE launches the next-gen big video end-to-end solution to improve the network capacity and optimize the content delivery to motivate and complete these solutions.”

With video communication  becoming a more and more important part of users’ daily life,  the global video services are developing rapidly.

The ZTE next-gen video solution will be the ideal choice for operators to maintain growth and create new margins in the video services market. Experts in the industry estimate that the next-gen Big Video Solution will become the trend of the future video industry.