MosoLabs Launches to Grow the Helium 5G Network


MosoLabs, a company that designs and distributes innovative hardware and software for open, decentralized wireless networks, launched to provide users with exceptional products that empower people to build, use, and grow the Helium 5G network.

Headquartered in California, MosoLabs is backed by Taiwan-based Sercomm – a trusted, vertically integrated OEM with over 30 years’ experience building LTE and 5G small cells, CPE and IoT devices for many of the world’s biggest telecom companies.

MosoLabs’ mission is to make it easy for anyone to participate in – and profit from – growing the Helium 5G network by bringing plug-and-play products to market such as small cells, witness devices, cameras, and more.

Co-founded by telecom and wireless industry veterans, MosoLabs has partnered with the FreedomFi team since 2021 to develop small cells that power the Helium 5G network. MosoLabs will offer indoor and outdoor small cells that are plug-and-play certified for the FreedomFi gateway and other “Powered by FreedomFi” gateways to help users get set up fast and begin earning crypto from the moment they start growing their network.

Small cell bundles will be available for purchase in late June 2022 and the company is committed to consistently delivering devices throughout 2022 in an effort to accelerate growth of the Helium network.

MosoLabs is focused on developing more use cases for the Helium 5G network and will begin offering a CBRS-connected camera solution later this year. These products – which will include doorbell, residential, and enterprise cameras – will feature advanced video monitoring capabilities with an easy-to-use app while delivering improved security, privacy, and deployment range critical for both residential and business customers.

“Sercomm is a small cell pioneer having invested in the technology for over 15 years. Today, Sercomm is a leading manufacturer of small cells – supplying reliable, cost-effective, high-performance devices to the largest global telecom operators”, said Ben Lin, President of Sercomm. “Helium 5G is transforming the traditional cellular network business model with its crypto-incentivized approach which encourages people to help grow their own wireless network. Sercomm is proud to back MosoLabs and be their key partner to bring small cells to market for customers building open, decentralized wireless networks.”

“With HIP-51, the Helium community will unlock the network growth potential for 5G – with more protocols to come. MosoLabs will be a key 5G player that will bring this growth to life in 2022 with their easy-to-install small cell bundles”, said Scott Sigel, COO of the Helium Foundation. “We welcome MosoLabs to the Helium 5G ecosystem and are excited about the innovative use cases they are developing – starting with the Helium-connected cameras later this year.”

“Decentralized open 5G and Helium are transforming the mobile network paradigm and FreedomFi is proud to be a leading contributor to the Helium 5G ecosystem” said Boris Renski, Founder and CEO of FreedomFi. “MosoLabs’ co-founders have been close partners with FreedomFi since 2021, working with us to bring the open 5G infrastructure to life. We look forward to working together with MosoLabs to unlock the full potential of the Helium 5G network by making it easy for anyone to deploy their own cellular hotspots.”

MosoLabs develops exceptional hardware and software products that empower people to build and use open, decentralized wireless networks. We pride ourselves on being customer-first with a focus on innovation to offer trusted solutions that enable anyone to grow and employ their network while maximizing the rewards for doing so. MosoLabs is backed by Sercomm.