Moeco Brings its Global IoT Network to the Trusted IoT Alliance


Alliance members will gain access to the Moeco crowdsourced global IoT network, allowing them to assess interoperability of their solutions over the Alliance Testnet

The Trusted IoT Alliance (TIoTA), an ecosystem of more than 50 companies working together to build open source trusted systems for IoT with blockchain and related technologies, today announced that Moeco, which provides a crowdsourced global IoT network, has joined the Alliance.

As a member, Moeco will enable Fortune 500 and startup members to test interoperability of their solutions over the Moeco network using the TIoTA testbed.

TIoTA works to bring together Fortune 500 companies with innovators such as Moeco to develop standards, certification, technical advancements, and business opportunities for an IoT ecosystem.

Moeco is a blockchain-based platform that provides network access to devices via gateways. Devices pay tokens on per-connection basis and gateways receive tokens for data transfer. The “Introducing Moeco” video is available on YouTube.

“Blockchain brings trust to the decentralized system with many coun­terparts spread across the world,” said Dmitry Gorilovsky, Founder and CEO of Moeco. “In addition to joining the influential Trusted IoT Alliance, we are also advancing our technology by partnering with integration companies such as Woodenshark and Chronicled. Together we can create trials and deliver turnkey solutions comprising sensors, gateways, and analytic systems.”

“Moeco is built to become a DNS of things — a platform integrating various connectivity standards and connecting billions of devices across the globe,” explained Zaki Manian, Executive Director of the Trusted IoT Alliance and Moeco Advisor. “We are excited to have them become part of TIoTA, where our aim is to increase interoperability and interworking across innovative new trusted IoT technologies.”

Moeco uses crowdsourcing to gain coverage and help businesses effortlessly adopt IoT technology in a most cost-effective way. The network is outsourced, allowing the deployment of sensors and devices and connect them for a fraction of the cost (5-30 times cheaper than mobile networks in initial and maintenance costs).

Moeco will adopt LPWAN and Bluetooth Low Energy solutions to de­ploy limited scale test networks. The company is currently rolling out a pilot in Dubai and is targeting other IoT-oriented cities such as Hong Kong and London.