Modern digital tools for product development


Nowadays, when the digital world is getting wider, it gives multiple chances and tools to introduce and promote your product to the billion users spreaded all over the world. It’s not important how many tools you have in your hands if you can’t use them properly. The product introduction is the keypoint in marketing in the early stages of product development. At the beginning, one of the major things that needed to be done for product promotion is acquiring users’ interests. The Internet has given plenty of platforms and opportunities to introduce, promote and sell your product. 

Among all digital platforms, there are 3 “major players” that have the widest audience spread worldwide. Beside that, these players offer modern ways to evolve your product. 

The key players of the digital market

Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms among users. Initially these platforms were not created for product placement and marketing. The idea was to create such a platform which will connect people from different parts of the planet. During the years the platforms started adding multiple features. The product owners had official pages of their products but there were no chances to sell it directly.

So, the sites decided to develop tools for business pages because there were many users that could be potential customers. These customers could be interested in the product but don’t have enough time to visit the official website to find the item there. So they added a tool which gives an opportunity to buy a product by one click directly. 

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that in the developing digital world, there are well known SaaS products that are also needed to be grown and again, via social media platforms. But only having accounts for your SaaS product isn’t enough, just like for other media products. Here is the importance of picking the right social media platforms which will be popular among your target audience, give you an opportunity to achieve business goals, and offer various ways to interact with potential customers.

Besides having appropriate tools and platforms, you need to raise attention on your product by using different types of techniques to promote your product. These could be colorful illustrations, catchy video materials, user reviews etc. 

The differences of product marketing in social media

Despite these 3 platforms having a huge amount of users, each of them has unique user groups and age stages. Facebook is more popular among the grown audience. The average age of Facebook users is 41 years. Facebook is mostly used for reading news and sharing opinions between users. 

Instagram users are younger: 40% of users are between 25-35 age. Here users are mostly sharing their life moments via stories and photo or video posts. 

Youtube in this case includes the interest of all users of different ages. Considering all these facts, you need to make your content and product commercial that will be appropriate for all ages.

Talking about product placement and online shopping, we can’t miss a part which refers to payment. As cryptocurrencies became very popular in recent years, the payment with cryptocurrencies is possible due to Kraken which is a crypto exchange platform. Cryptocurrencies give an opportunity to have decentralised finance and are a part of modern trade. Also the exchange platforms allow customers to make their payment process easier. 

Content creation tools for social media

Page owner must have high photo and video editing skills to make the page more attractive. They can use photo and video online editors, also easy tools which could help to generate templates and frames for Instagram and Facebook stories, or youtube thumbnails for videos.

These tools can help designers and social media managers to make content quicker, create different design cases for all groups of interest. The creating and editing tools must have online versions to make their usage more available for all platforms. Tools need to have a user-friendly interface to make its usage more intuitive. 


Today social media is not a place for only chats, opinions and photos. Big audience gives a chance to use these platforms not only for commercials, but also for using a page as a store for your product. Modern issues need modern solutions. If there is an online platform which can sell online products, it needs to use many tools of photo, video and other media materials editing, to make the product more attractive and raise the probability of sales.