MoCA and Broadband Forum partner on TR-419


MoCA®, Multimedia over Coax Alliance, in collaboration with Broadband Forum, now offers PON fiber network providers and service operators a low cost fiber access extension standard using existing coaxial cabling and Fiber to the Extension Point (FTTep) architecture.

The cost-effective and rapidly deployable MoCA Access™ 2.5 provides operators the ability to use FTTep architecture for multi-gigabit network bandwidth over existing coaxial cable building infrastructure without ducting challenges or other restrictions that might prevent seamless fiber deployments.

MoCA Access 2.5 delivers 2.5 gigabits per second on the media access control (MAC) layer over existing coaxial cabling in Single Family Units (SFUs), Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and commercial buildings.

The spectrum for MoCA Access 2.5 is selectable between 400 MHz to 1675 MHz which allows the technology to coexist with other services including Cable-TV, DOCSIS, direct broadcast satellite, or terrestrial TV services. MoCA Access 2.5 is deployed as a Point-to-Point (P2P) or Point-to-MultiPoint (P2MP) topology from FTTep locations based on the building’s existing coaxial network infrastructure.

“MoCA and Broadband Forum standards solve industry challenges and provide ultra-high bandwidth for customers to work, learn, and stream,” said Dr. Leonard Dauphinee, President of MoCA and Vice President and CTO of Broadband Products at MaxLinear. “Collaboration across both organizations by MoCA member InCoax ensured TR-419 includes the inherent advantages of MoCA Access™ 2.5.”

MoCA, the coax standards for managed networks, let people work, learn, and stream over existing coax cable available in homes, apartments, flats, hotels, and buildings worldwide. MoCA® is a global, member-driven, non-profit trade association that creates access and connectivity coax standards for managed networks.

MoCA members use the Alliance’s standards to build and certify products offering a reliable, low latency, and secure internet experience for working, learning and streaming. MoCA member companies are made up of global service providers (MSOs, Telco/IPTV), OEM, ODM and semiconductor companies.