Mobitel, Ericsson partner to drive Sri Lanka’s smart society vision


Sri Lanka’s Mobitel and global telecoms gear manufacturer Ericsson have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), stating that in 2015 they intend to forge a strategic business partnership that aims to significantly contribute to the nation’s smart society vision and knowledge hub strategy.

Ericsson Sri Lanka Head Denis Brunetti and Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel CEO Ranjith G. Rubasinghe shaking hands following the signing of the MOU between the two companies to provide affordable and accessible WiFi services for university students in Sri Lanka.

The collaboration, which focuses on jointly working together to make WiFi broadband services more accessible and affordable to university students across the country through a ‘WiFi as a Service’ business partnership, is aligned with the nation’s smart society vision and knowledge hub strategy, as well as the recently announced policy of transforming Sri Lanka into a WiFi nation in the coming years.

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Chief Executive Officer Ranjith G. Rubasinghe said: “Mobitel considers it a pleasure to join hands with Ericsson in exploring the ways and means of driving the Smart Society vision in Sri Lanka. We believe that our partnership will bring significant value to university students across the country as they increasingly gain access to affordable broadband services through WiFi connectivity. We understand that a country’s socioeconomic development is intrinsically tied to the extent to which its student population is empowered via access to ubiquitous broadband connectivity and internet services. Through this important initiative with Ericsson, we aim to empower university students with the communication tools required to foster innovation and enhance the education experience in alignment with the nation’s Knowledge Hub strategy. An initiative of this nature is a testament to Mobitel’s continued contribution towards enriching the lives of students, and in turn the nation, through technological advancements.”

Ericsson Sri Lanka Head Denis Brunetti said: “In recognition of Ericsson’s 20 year anniversary in Sri Lanka, and our long standing relationship with Mobitel, we are extremely proud and honoured to again stand alongside Mobitel in empowering the nation through the value of ICT. Ericsson and Mobitel share a likeminded vision and mission to realise the nation’s smart society vision through the provision of accessible and affordable WiFi broadband services for university students across Sri Lanka. This will be enabled through an innovative ‘WiFi as a Service’ business partnership between Mobitel and Ericsson. We believe that today’s university students are tomorrow’s industry leaders, and by investing in their education, we are investing in the nation’s future prosperity. This partnership further reaffirms Ericsson’s ongoing commitment to Mobitel and the people of Sri Lanka.”

This partnership builds on the ‘Connect To Learn’ initiative that was launched in October 2014 between Mobitel, Ericsson, Open University of Sri Lanka and the Commonwealth of Learning, which aims to empower teenage girls in farming communities through an education in ICT.

Mobitel and Ericsson are jointly committed to engaging in strategic business partnerships of national interest that contribute to the wellbeing and future prosperity of people’s lives in Sri Lanka.