Mobily Drives Innovation in Elevating Customer Experience

Alaa Malki

Mobily has recently announced a multi-year extension to its partnership with CSG and as part of this extension, Mobily will deploy CSG’s innovative suite of revenue and customer management solutions to accelerate growth.

This, combined with Mobily’s omni-channel strategy will allow Mobily to become the foremost digital telecommunications service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for mobile and fixed product sets.

Alaa A. Malki, CTO, Mobily speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s strategy to elevate customer experience and how Mobily is looking at delivering future-proof 5G innovations.

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What are some of the Mobily products and services where CSG is helping to elevate customer experience?

The benefit will surpass the development and introduction of new and exciting products and services into the Saudi market; the CSG solution will enable our customers to create and customize their own personalized digital presence and journeys via our new digital touch points, leading to greater overall customer satisfaction.

This, combined with our omni-channel strategy that will be enabled through this partnership, will allow Mobily to become the foremost digital telecommunications service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for mobile and fixed product sets.

How does Mobily look at the future of its partnership with CSG?

CSG is one of Mobily’s most trusted transformation partners and will assist us in moving from our traditional and monolithic IT platforms to a state-of-the-art digital BSS software environment built upon the latest physical and logical IT architecture. This will enable Mobily to provide ever-evolving digital capabilities and allow us to support new business channels such as FinTech, healthcare, IoT, autonomous transport and Smart Cities.

What more can we expect from this partnership in the coming months?

We initially plan to utilize the deliverables for our consumer segment, providing a complete digital customer experience and then build upon this to support our business customers. Our partnership will focus on continually enhancing the customer experience and offerings in the new digital world we are creating through this transformation.

How is mobily looking forward to further strengthening its relationship with CSG? Is there any joint R&D/applications development effort being planned?

Mobily and CSG will work collaboratively to leverage their global experience and knowledge to adopt international digital best practices. Mobily may also combine its extensive local knowledge with CSG’s R&D capabilities to develop Arabic-specific content as well as AI capabilities. We have also agreed, in principle, to contribute to the CSG technology roadmap to further enhance future service capabilities and functionality for our traditional and new market segments.

Future is 5G, and it is full of new-age applications around gaming, AR, VR, IoT, virtual medicine and virtual education, etc. How does Mobily look at 5G, and what is the roadmap that you have to embrace this new era of communication?

Mobily has already made a significant investment into 5G services and is committed to ensuring that all our customers have access to the very latest technology. All our digital and transformation plans have been designed to support our strategic goals for 5G and the new market opportunities that will arise from the adoption of this technology.