Mobile vs Console Game Development


Video games are quite old. They were invented in the 1950s but didn’t catch on until the 1970s. With the advent of gaming arcades and home consoles, video game popularity skyrocketed throughout this decade. Soon, home computers could play video games. When video games came out, they hit phones. Computers, gaming consoles, and mobile phones are the three primary platforms for video gamesThis article compares mobile phone games to console games.


Console games have been around for 50 years. With iconic console games like Super Mario Bros., the audience migrated away from gaming arcades in the 1970s. The rising popularity prompted many organizations to strive harder and recruit fresh talent. There were soon several firms producing gaming consoles and giving more unique games rather than the old arcade oriented games. The Eighth Generation of consoles includes the Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft XBOX One, and Nintendo Wii U.

Initially, just a few phones had mobile games. As mobile phones became increasingly popular, these games gained popularity among younger audiences. Kids would borrow their parentsphones to play Snake or Bounce. Mobile games were known but didn’t gain popularity till smartphones came out. These featured internet connection, a touch screen, and a bigger screen. They paved the way for new genres and simpler controls for mobile phone gaming. The application store on these cellphones also allows users to pick games rather than being limited to those builtin.

Graphic Quality

Graphics have a major role in a game’s success. Console game graphics have increased noticeably. Early console games were 2D arcade games. As the business evolved, firms spent more on console hardware, providing sharper visuals. Currently, most console games run at 1080p 60 fps. The player gets a more immersive experience. The advent of virtual reality in gaming has allowed for even greater visuals as players are immersed in the game. A game’s depth, or the intricacy of the plot and accessible options, also influences its acceptability. Storybased games are nothing new. They let players follow a complex storyline and choose their own route to victory.

Graphically, mobile games lag behind consoles. The hefty infrastructure required to handle highend gaming on a mobile device is not viable. Still, mobile game visuals have gone a long way from the pixelated 2D games of old. They feature better graphics than many outdated consoles, demonstrating how far mobile gaming has progressed. Mobile games lack the depth of console games. Most mobile games are action or arcade focused, therefore intricate storylines are rare. In terms of visuals and depth, consoles clearly outperform mobile gaming.


A decent game should have simple controls. Console games need special controllers. Depending on the business, they feature various joysticks and buttons. The game gives each controller button an action. By pushing each button, the character on screen does that action. There are tutorials in the games to help players learn these controls. Furthermore, controls are typically used amongst games of the same genre, such as racing games, even if they are from separate companies.

Wage and industry size

The console gaming business has exploded. Companies like RockStar and Ubisoft may now devote enormous teams of people to their games. With over 9000 workers, Ubisoft is the biggest game firm. Some games, like Rockstar’s GTA 5, have earned more than movies. The graphically demanding nature of console gaming necessitates A game’s debut generates even more wealth, making the console gaming sector one of the most profitable today. You can successfully join the growing mobile games market. And you don’t need to know how to program to do this. Just give us an idea and order mobile game development outsourcing by Whimsy.

Mobile gaming has overtaken game consoles in terms of revenue. Perhaps this is because everyone nowadays has a cell phone. So these games are just for the app store. The promise of mobile gaming has spawned new firms. This company is trying to emulate the success of large game firms like Voodoo, one of the most successful in the gaming business.


Mobile and console games have various target markets. They make games based on their own standards of quality and demand. Currently, they dominate the gaming business. In December 2019, mobiles and tablets accounted for 46% of market revenue, followed by consoles at 31%. This obviously proves that both platforms are wellliked and serve the community. So its users should avoid superiority debates. After all, gaming is primarily about having fun. Play good games and make good games. We, Whimsy Games, will always help you with the second one.